How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Experience

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Artificial intelligence is transforming the way businesses approach customer engagement and experience.

AI-powered solutions are, and shaping a new era of personalized, seamless, and efficient interactions.

In this article, we will explore how AI is revolutionizing these crucial aspects of business, delving into the innovative tools and technologies that are empowering companies to better understand, anticipate, and cater to their customer’s unique needs and preferences. Let’s dive into how AI transforms the customer experience and all factors that influence it.

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The following are a few examples of how AI technology has been redefining customer service.

  1. Amazon: Amazon’s AI chatbots are trained to understand natural language and are perfectly capable of answering common customer questions and handling simple queries.  The chatbots can intelligently escalate queries to a human customer service representative if a customer’s issue cannot be resolved.
  2. Uber: Uber’s platform leverages AI in its customer service segment to offer effective chatbot assistance with various requests.  Uber’s AI-powered service can automatically check for ride status, update customer payment information and resolve queries with rides.
  3. Apple: Apple’s AI-powered Siri helps customers with an array of tasks that include information searches, setting reminders, and making phone calls.  Apple leverages AI tech in its Genius Bar appointment system.  Through machine learning algorithms, Apple predicts wait times in order to effectively optimize headcount.  
  4. Airbnb: Airbnb applied AI to provide highly tailored recommendations to customers based on their searches and preferences.   

This article explores how online businesses can leverage digital marketing software that is powered by AI to deliver better customer experience.

How is AI Redefining Customer Engagement & Customer Experience?

Attention to customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty is important to maintain high customer engagement.  A well-executed marketing strategy that is built around customer engagement delivers higher revenues and business growth.  

Proper and consistent monitoring and measurement of customer engagement levels provide great feedback to spot areas for improvement.  For example, low levels of customer engagement highlight areas for improvement such as customer service, product quality, or marketing efforts. Customer engagement is a powerful measure that drives businesses to produce what customers expect.

As a result, businesses stand out from their competition and thrive in a highly competitive market.  AI technology improves consumer engagement as it enables more interactivity and personalized content.  As described below, AI is contributing to many different segments of digital marketing software built around the enhancement of customer engagement.  

AI Content Writers

AI-powered writing software opens up a whole new world of opportunities for customization and personalization of your content. 

AI-powered content writers are applied to generate content that is specifically targeted toward the preferences of your audience. Take control of your content and build highly attractive text for your audience with the power of AI. Make your blog stand out with catchy and intriguing headlines that will capture the attention of the right audience. 

A next-generation version of AI Content Writers is capable of generating SEO-optimised long-form content so it can rank on top of search engines like Google and Bing. This makes your website more visible and highly accessible to the audience.  The AI-powered software will also automatically link the generated content with other relevant material/articles on your website. 

This will encourage visitors to engage and spend more time on your website.  The above features make the process of content generation highly cost-efficient and scalable for your business.  

AI content writers work seamlessly with chatbots and virtual assistants as well. Customers can expect highly personalized responses to their queries, taking customer engagement to the next level. Asking chatbots about a particular product will return responses based on specific preferences.  Virtual assistants can recommend other products/colors/sizes that may be more suitable for you.  You should consider AI content writers as part of your plan to automate AI customer service.  

Overall, AI content writers work well with descriptive content but are not yet mature enough to be able to generate a subjective narrative e.g. reviews, comparisons, etc.  If applied in this context, make sure to double-check the generated content.  

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AI Video Generators 

AI video generators are new additions to AI-powered software that use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze consumer preferences and other data.  This tool creates customized video content in a fraction of the time taken to produce video content in a studio.  AI technology empowers you to build video content from a text or image source, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

The following are a few examples of how to use AI video generators to build the most creative videos for highly personalized customer experiences.

  1. How have you been promoting the use case for your product so far?  With video generators, you can now create animated explainer videos to promote your product and educate your visitors.  Engage your visitors and build better customer experiences with animated explainer videos.
  2. Do you want to focus your marketing on product demonstrations? Use video generators to show a visual representation of how to use your product/service, showcasing the main features and benefits to the end customer.
  3. Do you have a strong following on social media? Build creative social media videos to capture the attention of existing and prospective followers with eye-catching animations, text overlays, and other tricks.  
  4. Have you considered virtual tours for your product/service? Visualization through virtual tours is highly relevant for real estate museums and other locations. Use video generators to create highly engaging virtual tours on websites or social media platforms and create customer experiences like never before.  Do you want to be more creative?  Use video generators to immerse your users into never experienced simulations e.g. Jurassic era or a Viking warzone and place your product/service accordingly.  
  5. Take customer interactions to a whole new level with AI video generators by building human-like avatars to deliver a personalized virtual service. Use this technology to convert customer experience pain points into competitive advantages.

The possibilities with AI video generators are endless.  As the technology for video generators continues to evolve, we will see improved customer engagement with more personality and character that will make them look more human.  

💡 Tip for support managers:

Particularly in customer service, incorporating video can be a powerful aid in resolving difficult situations, providing much-needed clarity and guidance to clients who may be uncertain about their next steps. Don’t hesitate to harness the capabilities of AI tools within your help center either. 

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AI Picture Generators  

AI picture generators create highly personalized and interactive out-of-the-box visuals (images, 3D models, drawings, paintings, digital art). They help in successfully engaging customers based on their tastes and individualized interests.  

Amongst other use cases (e.g. creating unique artistic work at scale), AI picture generators are extremely useful for businesses with a strong demand for visual content, some good examples are:

  1. DALL-E: Developed by OpenAI, DALL-E can generate creative and novel images from textual descriptions, producing a wide range of illustrations, designs, and artwork based on user input.
  1. NVIDIA GauGAN: This AI-powered tool by NVIDIA enables users to create realistic landscape images by converting simple sketches or drawings into detailed, photorealistic scenes.
  2. RunwayML: A platform that allows users to experiment with various AI models, including image synthesis and style transfer, to generate artistic images or transform existing ones.
  3. By using neural style transfer techniques, allows users to turn their photos into artwork inspired by famous artists or styles.
  4. Artbreeder: A collaborative AI platform where users can create, explore, and share new images by blending existing ones, generating unique visuals through a process akin to genetic breeding.

AI Text-to-speech

Text-to-speech (TTS) technology translates written text into spoken words that can be used for virtual assistance.  It can also be added to accessibility features for visually impaired audiences.  This new tech brings a whole new dimension of accessibility, automation, personalization and entertainment that increases customer satisfaction and engagement. The following are a few examples on how to apply AI text-to-speech to your customer service.

TTS technology enables businesses to create voice-enabled virtual assistants with interactive voice response (IVR) systems, rendering highly realistic interactions with customers.

  1. Do you operate a 24/7 customer support team? Try AI text-to-speech and provide basic but personalized customer support services during off-peak hours with pre-recorded messages.
  2. Draft scripts in different languages and easily convert them to speech. This gives you access to a wider audience and improves customer engagement.
  3. Use AI text-to-speech technology to greet your customers when visiting your website or engaging with customer service. Tailor your AI to greet customers by name and add a personalized touch to your service.
  4. Upgrade your AI chatbots to create personalized messages for different cases. As an example, you can respond to a customer’s call querying a product through a tailored pre-recorded message. 
  5. Use AI text-to-speech and build scripts for an interactive voice response system. This helps your customers access your website more easily, improving overall customer experience.
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AI Autopost

AI auto post uses AI technology to post tailored content on social platforms. The tool is used for post-scheduling, creating and publishing content, and predictive analysis of consumer needs and engagement.  AI auto-posts are also used to interact with platform users without the need for human input.   How can AI auto-post be used to improve customer engagement?

  1. Try AI auto-post to personalize the content of your posts. The recommendations of this tool are based on customer information that includes interests, purchasing, and browsing history.
  2. Use AI auto post to schedule effective and timely posting of content when customers are actively online. 
  3. Integrate AI auto-post to your chat service and build trust and engagement with your customers with programmed customer response in real time.  
  4. Build better content with insights and analytics on customers provided by AI auto-post.   
  5. Engage with your customer proactively and start conversations by asking questions or giving tailored suggestions with AI auto-post.

As highlighted above, AI auto-post is all about communicating the proper content with your customers promptly.  If you are a business with a focus on social media marketing, then this tool is a great asset to have to communicate more effectively with your audience.

💡 Tips for support managers:

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AI Graphics

AI graphics technology brings innovation to the field of virtual graphics by creating highly realistic and immersive graphics and interactive digital media. Here are some interesting use cases that can make your business’s customer service experiences more pleasant.

AI graphics technology is highly useful to design virtual assistants with human-like features and behavior. Make customer interactions with your customer support more engaging and natural. It is recommended to use this technology in conjunction with other AI services mentioned above to ensure that the ‘human look’ of the virtual assistant is complemented by human-like interaction.

Another interesting recommendation to put AI graphics into practice is to use them to build an effective visual search tool engine. Enabling visual search for your customers gives them the option to upload an image of a product they are looking for. In return, the AI graphics system processes the information to identify the product and provide relevant results. Overall, this brings a new form of searching for a product on your website that is more pleasant and seamless.

AI graphics are highly useful in enhancing customer engagement in areas where the visual element is predominant (e.g. youtube advert). AI graphics tools are not particularly useful in other areas where the form of customer engagement involves text or sounds (e.g. articles & blog content).

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As AI technology evolves, smaller businesses should start looking at how this powerful technology can be applied to other strategies to ignite business growthIn the above, we have looked at the many use cases for AI-powered tools to ignite customer engagement and improve customer experience.

As a small business with a limited budget, you may feel overly cautious about trusting AI technology with your current processes. However, try to use specific feedback tools such as pop-up surveys to cross-check the effectiveness of AI-powered decisions. Remember that customer feedback is crucial if you want to optimize the AI strategy that best fits your business.

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