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Todd Guzman

The sheer volume of feedback has increased, which gives us more data and a clearer picture of how we are going. Before Nicereply, feedback was less frequent - often when they were either very happy or very disappointed, and this was often long after the initial customer interaction

Todd Guzman | Sydney, Australia | Furniture industry
50-100 Team size
Kenji Hayward

If you want to understand your customers, you need to ask for feedback! You’d be surprised how much great insight they’re willing to give. Nicereply makes it simple for your team to develop a scaled customer feedback machine that is measurable, and it can help your team give world-class support.

Kenji Hayward | San Francisco, California | Software
100-200 Team size
James Stillian

By providing us a way to take “mid-conversation” CSAT we could affect a shift in the way we handled our queue, freeing up agents to handle tickets more effectively and giving our customers a chance to provide feedback every step of the way! It was also the first time our non-voice agents received real time feedback on their performance and could adjust course during the conversation if necessary.

James Stillian | San Mateo, California | E-commerce
50-100 Team size
Antonio King

Email surveys, amirite? Sure, the easiest to deploy, but the response rates weren’t to my liking. We averaged 15%-17% response rate from email a week. Instead, we replaced it with the in-signature method that Nicereply advocates for heavily as a better means of collecting more ratings. Replacing Zendesk’s CSAT with Nicereply, we saw a 20%-30% increase in CSAT response ratings per week. Pulling last week’s numbers, we had a CSAT response rate of 58% which is almost unheard of.

Antonio King | Boulder, Colorado | Clothing
1-50 Team size
Aisha Strauss

Nicereply gave us a consistent metric to assess the effectiveness of each of our customer service representatives. This provides greater transparency for employees and managers. At the same time, we have insight into what our customers are saying about each interaction in real-time combined with the ability to immediately address their issues.

Aisha Strauss
Sense Labs | Cambridge, Massachusetts | Consumer electronics
1-50 Team size

Variety of
Experience Surveys

Get insights into customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and more with Nicereply's one-click surveys

Combine Survey

Choose how & when you want to survey your customers. Include surveys in every response, send post-resolution email surveys, get customer feedback on your website user experience, or use survey link URLs.

Email Surveys

Survey your customers automatically after you resolve a ticket, conversation, deal, or chat. Once set, you don't have to do a thing.

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Get a better idea of what works to keep your customers satisfied.

Email Surveys

Ask customers for feedback at the bottom of every email. Act quickly to turn a conversation around, when it starts to derail.

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Hello Christopher,

I have thoroughly investigated your ticket and everything should be working again. Thank you for reaching out! If you need anything else, just let me know.

Have a fantastic day,

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See feedback directly in your CRM

See feedback from your customers, pushed to their tickets, conversations, deals, etc. in the form of a note and a tag.

Sync agents & customers

Automatically import customers & support agents from your helpdesk with 1 click.

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