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How to Use Automation to Give More Personal Customer Support

Learn how automation and AI let you be more personal with customers and not sound like a robot.

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  • What is automation? What is AI?
  • The limits of AI and automation
  • Examples of AI in customer support
  • How to automate support without losing authenticity
  • How to implement automation thoughtfully for your team

More about this ebook

In this ebook by Front and Nicereply, we'll walk you through the basics of support automation, its limitations, and examples of how you can use it today.

We’re no stranger to automation if you think about it. From ordering groceries online to booking tickets to that must-see concert, you can use automation just about everywhere. Automation in customer service is no exception.

As our tech-savvy world continues to evolve with no sign of slowing down, speed and efficiency are no longer a luxury. We expect it. And the business world has automation to thank for lending a helping hand in delivering exactly that to customers. In fact, experts predict 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent by 2020.

Yet many people still think automation is bound to replace human interaction. In reality, automation doesn’t mean all hope for human connection is lost and customer support agents will be replaced by robots one by one (we’re still a long way from that).

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