What is Customer Effort Score?

Customer Effort Score is a metric used to evaluate how easy customers thought it was to get a resolution to their recent contact.

The idea is that customers enjoy doing business with companies that are easy to work with. Afterall, 96% of customers who've been through a high effort experience report being disloyal.

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Measuring Customer Effort Score

Measure CES by surveying customers after the resolution of their conversation. Customer Effort Score survey questions asks to what extent do customers agree with the following statement:

"Company" made it easy for me to handle my issue.

Combine CES with CSAT to get more feedback

You don't have to choose one or the other. These two metrics naturally complement each other.

Combine Metrics
  Icon CES Icon CSAT
Measures: Performance of entire organization Individual agent performance
Is measured: Once the situation is resolved At every interaction
Helps: Build customer loyalty Improve customer satisfaction

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CES Metric Overview

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What is a good CES score?

You are looking for a bell curve with most responses around 5 or a 6. Moving a client from 1 to 5 increases their loyalty by 22%.

Benchmark your Customer Effort Score

Every year we're rewarding outstanding customer service teams. See how you stack up against them.

Antonio King
Nicereply allowed us as a department/company to implement Customer Effort Surveys to understand where we were falling short, and it ultimately did so without costing the customer yet another transactional email.

Win, win, win is what that's referred to as in the mediation world.
Antonio King
Director of Experience at Shinesty

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