Best Support Content of 2022

Simona Benetinová Simona Benetinová · 2 min read

What did you like the most and what caught your attention? Let’s look at the best support content of 2022.

A new year is right around the corner. This is why we look at the content you liked the most during 2022. The Nicereply team would like to thank you for spending time and attention on our blog. It means a lot to us! 

Stay tuned, some exciting content is coming your way in 2023.

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Support Talks

Support Talks have become a very popular format not only among readers but also among respondents themselves. Our friend Craig Stoss interviewed different support leaders to bring you the most exciting news from the industry. 

The most popular episode of Support Talks is with Emily Russell, Director of Customer Experience at Olark.

Content Pie

In total, we wrote up to 10 Content Pies. You’ll find all the most important information about a chosen topic in 2 mins of reading. Your favorite “pie” is the episode about Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Customer Experience

Even in the past, we had several articles on the topic of customer experience. In 2022, we devoted more attention to it and we created a special category for it. We will continue to focus on customer experience and, especially, the effortless experience.

One of the most popular customer experience articles is this guide.

The Complete Guide to Customer Experience Management in 2022

Working In Support

The topic of customer centricity really caught your attention. It’s a positive indicator that your organization is already in the process of putting on the first place a customer-centric plan.

 If you haven’t read it yet, we recommend you do so.

Education & Development

We like it if we can inspire you (not only on our blog). If valuable information reaches us, it is good to pass it on. It was the purpose of this blog — to wrap up all worthy blog posts from the support segment.

Bonus Tip

Trends are a hot topic in every field, and it’s no difference in support. It seems that you are interested in what will happen next year or at least, what the predictions are. 

Read our article about future trends that became one of the most spreading blog posts of 2022.

That’s all from us. If you like our content, we will be happy if you recommend us to your friends. See you in 2023!

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