Content Pie#6: How to Get a Job as a Customer Service Representative

Simona Benetinová Simona Benetinová · 2 min read

Are you considering a career as a customer service representative? There is no better time than now!

Believe it or not, the summer season is a great time for finding a new job. Companies aren’t so busy and you have a lot of time to take some rest and prepare for an interview.

Almost 50% of American employees are considering a change of job and remote work is getting more attractive than ever before. Moreover, a career in customer service can be very rewarding if you are looking for a meaningful job and you love to help other people.

We dedicated this episode of Content Pie to the best tips on how to find a new job as a Customer Service Representative. Look at our ebook tip, recommended articles, and podcast you should listen to.

What does a customer representative do?

There are several tasks that customer service representatives do, but one of the most repetitive duties is:

  • Answering customers’ questions (about a product, a company, or services) and solving their complaints.
  • Directing customers to the relevant department if it’s necessary.
  • Reviewing and analyzing customers’ feedback.
  • Handling reclamations and returns.

đź“š FREE Ebook TipHow to Get a Job as a Customer Service Representative

In this resource you will find:

  • Essential skills for the support role.
  • Technical terms you should know.
  • What to expect from a customer support job interview.
  • The components and pitfalls of a great customer service resume.
  • Places to look for your new job.
  • Resources to master your skills.

đź’ˇRecommended articles

🎙Podcast tip

The topic of burnout was already heard before Covid-19, but the pandemic time has strengthened the negative effects of burnout even more. Burnout prevention is one of the best things you can do.

Listen as Jenny from FruitStand shares incredible insight about burnout to help us better support ourselves and our teams.

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