Content Pie #3: Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples

Simona Benetinová Simona Benetinová · 2 min read

In 67% of cases, a poor customer experience is the main reason for customer churn.

We often deploy powerful tools such as CSAT surveys to measure Customer Experience. It is no surprise at all – CSAT surveys can tell us many things about customers’ thoughts. The goal of this article is to help you write better survey questions, along with some customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey examples.

How do you write a customer satisfaction survey question?

One of the most common questions you can use in your CSAT survey is “How nice was my reply?”. But there are other possibilities for how to ask the same thing creatively.

Other customer satisfaction survey examples:

  • Are you satisfied with the service you received?
  • Did we answer your question today?
  • How likely are you to recommend our service to other customers?
  • Did we make it easy to get the help you needed?

How do you write customer satisfaction follow-up questions?

Imagine the scenario where a customer answered your survey. However, you see that the rating didn’t meet your expectations and is lower than you wished. Never leave negative feedback or low-rating feedback without an action.

You can use one of these follow-up examples to discover the reason for your customer’s reaction:

  • Is there anything we can do better next time?
  • How can we improve the service you received?
  • Tell us more about your experience.

Some other effective customer satisfaction survey questions to ask:

  • On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate our speed of service?
  • What features do you find the most useful in our product?
  • If we could improve one thing, what would you like to see happen?

💡 Reading recommendations

For more customer satisfaction survey examples don’t hesitate and have a look at the following articles.

They are full of practical tips that are worth reading:

🎙 Podcast tip

HelpScout is a help desk software that lets you create stronger customer relationships, save time, and increase team productivity.

Listen as Mat from HelpScout talks about how you can make writing a pivotal piece of your support team to engage with your customers.


The ability to write perfect surveys and emails should be a natural “superpower” of your support agents. However, no one is born perfect and writing is one of the skills you can master easily.

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