How AI can benefit your customer service in 2022

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AI became the go-to word in meeting rooms when teams spoke about innovation since 2020.

Recently, AI impact (not only in customer service) has been so high that the global AI market value might reach $267 billion by 2027. Some people think AI may harm industries since it could take over human tasks.

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However, using technology to perform repetitive tasks better allows us to evolve human effort. To do more strategic work that adds value and brings more revenue.

Artificial intelligence applications already impact healthcare, telecom industries, and even software development. It’s time for AI to continue evolving and boosting the customer service experience.

Examples of AI utilities changing businesses


Chatbots evolved immensely – when they are configured right, it’s hard to recognize them from a human customer service representative. For example, Nicereply is using a chatbot by Chatra, and so far, it is doing a great job.

screenthot app

Implementing a new application can get expensive at first, and it brings a lot of uncertainty, not knowing if the implementation will be effective.

However, AI has repeatedly proven that it brings massive savings to companies in the long run.

As noted by Forbes, “More than half (51%) admit that cost reduction is the area where AI is delivering first. The benefits experienced so far include automating processes and tasks (46%), cost savings (44%).”

Artificial Intelligence augmentation generates $2.9 trillion in business value and recovers 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity. Talk about savings – this AI frees support agents time to do more meaningful customer service tasks.

AI offers personalized products and services

We all have had the experience of having advertisements or products offered unrelated to our needs.  When we call a business, we want objective information that helps us.

Customer satisfaction depends on many factors, but some elements in which AI can help are:

  • Through AI and prediction algorithms, we can more accurately predict the needs and desires of our customers.
  • Offering a unique customer experience on each interaction
  • Offering customer promotions they might be interested in (according to the AI statistics).

Promotions are not going anywhere, but CX is changing them with the power of AI:

  • 91% of people say ads are more intrusive than three years ago.
  • But, 83% of people agree with the statement: “Not all ads are bad, but I want to filter out the obnoxious ones.”

Brands are using AI to make publicity and promotions less intrusive and a lot more relevant.

A customer support agent pitching relevant and personalized promotions at the right time impacts said promotions’ efficiency and cost.

In other words, having AI helps in choosing what to promote and when it is a customer/brand win-win situation and fosters customer loyalty.

As a customer, selecting what kind of ads I want to see and when empowers and increases my customer experience and probably your brand NPS.

Chatbots help customer support representatives by only passing them the inquiries the bot can’t solve, increasing efficiency. More than 40% of the day-to-day chat questions can be answered by automated messages.

Chatbots free up customer service representatives’ time, increasing customer NPS and experience considerably.  In other words, each customer attended by a representative gets the attention it deserves. AI and humans complement each other to provide a better experience.

Chatbots contribute to cost-saving by reducing overhead and reducing interaction times with customers.

AI Content writers

Lately, content writing apps are changing the writing game, even for customer support agents.

Copywriting can be expensive and time-consuming, but copywriting software is changing that. But, how do AI content writers? Help you solve customer problems?

Large businesses have turned to the blog business to increment brand awareness and AI is helping them. However, customers constantly need written content that helps them solve their situations through serf service!

Chatbots are good and help with inquiries. But, AI content writers address customer support agents’ writing needs more deeply. More specifically, when writing manuals, emails, FAQs, or glossaries.

For example, you have to send a massive email outreach to your customers to let them know about your plan’s new functionality or new benefits! A well-managed AI content writer can customize each email and make it more appealing within seconds after you do the main email template.

Also, daily emails come in with inquiries and needs! Having the assistance of the AI help customer support representative by facilitating fast and accurate response to the customers’ individual needs and answering more emails with the same tone providing consistency and speed.

More and more writers are adding to their skillset AI software to write great customer-focused content. The amount of accurate well-curated manuals, reports, email answers that AI can help write is unmatched.

AI writing

Source: Software1top

Self Service Apps in Customer Service

Let’s speak facts. One of the best customer experiences is self-service. Customers love self-service.

Self-service is the empowerment of the customers. As Zendesk says, 86% of surveyed customers acknowledge that they prefer self-service.

AI is essential to make self-service more efficient and open 24/7 to answer customer service inquiries. AI impacts even online classes; applications like Edx, Udemy, and Coursera use Artificial Intelligence to bring the best education to your screens.

NPS data

Imagine that you could only order from amazon from 9 to 5. As absurd as it sounds, not having an excellent AI-powered self-service platform is restrictive and harms your NPS as a company and for your customer service.

What is next for Customer Service and AI?

Artificial intelligence is changing and impacting our lives as much as VR and AR technology, it is already in our culture, and we are learning to work with them.

Facial and voice recognition, behavior statistics, intelligent reports, and live feed of information managed through big data! Is not about the future of AI but about harnessing the power that it brings to the customer experience of the future.

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Marcos Isaias Marcos Isaias

Marcos Isaias is a Project Management Consultant for Telecom and Technology companies. He has several years of experience implementing CX and AI applications. He enjoys blogging about project management and is passionate about customer service. Follow him and his journey at his blog

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