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Stay on top of your performance

Get a quick overview of your team's performance with all-in-one dashboard featuring CSAT, CES 2.0, and NPS ratings, trends and charts.

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Drill down for deeper understanding

Identify your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses with detailed stats per team, agent, survey and time period.

CES Feed

Icon Feedback

Get real-time customer feedback

Know what your customers think of you as soon, as they fill in the survey. See all the feedback in your rating feed.

CSAT Overview

Icon best

See who is the best

Recognize your best support teams and agents with leaderboards. Agents and teams are ranked by a complex index based not only on average rating scores, but also on the number of collected ratings.

Showcase your hard work

Make sure everyone knows where you stand.

Icon Reports

Create reports

Showcase your hard work to others via weekly or monthly reports.

Icon Notify

Get notified

Let the right people know when the ratings arrive.

Icon Ratings

Publish your ratings

Don't be shy about the amazing things you do. If you choose to, you can showcase your ratings on a public page.

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Benchmark yourself

Stand shoulder to shoulder with leaders in customer happiness, see where you stand and keep improving.

Understand your customers now

Stay on top of your customer experience with data at every step of their customer journey.

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