Achieving Stellar Results with CSAT and CES at Man Crates

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 “I’m most excited about being able to identify and follow up on detractor tickets very quickly, and the real time feedback aspect for my agents is pretty awesome too.” 

Man Crates helps you celebrate the men in your life with unique and exciting gifts you’ll be proud to give, and he’ll be thrilled to receive.

At Man Crates they believe gifts should be unforgettable. Giving gifts should be as fun as receiving them. Their mission is to make awesome gifts that guys actually like, gifts that reek of excitement and bring people together. According to them they’re in the business of making memories with a hint of mischief.

Man Crates received an award for the highest Customer Effort Score in Customer Happiness Awards 2018.

People at Man Crates strive to make their customer service is just as awesome as the gifts they provide. Man Crates has an awesome team of folks in every department driven by one of core values: Customer Obsession.

problem freshbooks


Man Crates were using Zendesk CSAT surveys, but weren’t satisfied and wanted to use more effective tool.

“We felt that the method and cadence of the CSAT ask was not aligned with the way our team handles contacts.”

They were looking for a tool that would capture agent performance and customer feedback in a more effective way.

“We wanted a better way to gauge our rep’s performance and gather our customer’s feedback.”

Solution Freshbooks


After implementing Nicereply, Man Crates were able to get real-time feedback and identify the exact spots to improve. Their customers have a chance to rate an agent after each interaction and agents are able to handle tickets in a more effective way.

“By providing us a way to take “mid-conversation” CSAT we could affect a shift in the way we handled our queue, freeing up agents to handle tickets more effectively and giving our customers a chance to provide feedback every step of the way! It was also the first time our non-voice agents received real time feedback on their performance and could adjust course during the conversation if necessary.”

Currently, Man Crates combines CSAT and CES to receive feedback during the conversation as well as after the conversation is closed. Man Crates are also able to identify their strengths and weaknesses with detailed stats per team, agent, survey and time period. Now, they are able to track agent performance and improvement during the time, see the most common issues and reduce the time spend on solving them.

“Aside from getting valuable feedback on our products and services from our customers directly, CSAT feedback allows us to effectively coach our agents on performance and track their progress. We can see what issues affect our customers the most, and get qualitative emotional data on tangible action items to assist in making the case to reduce contact by addressing issues.”

Nicereply’s user-friendly interface and detailed reporting allows Man Crates to immediately identify unhappy customers and know what customers think of them as soon, as they fill in the survey.

“The simplicity of the interface on the customer’s end, and the simplified yet robust reporting helped us choose Nicereply! I’m most excited about being able to identify and follow up on detractor tickets very quickly, and the real time feedback aspect for my agents is pretty awesome too.”

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