Product News: Nicereply Website Popup Surveys

Simona Benetinová Simona Benetinová · 1 min read

What if you could read the thoughts of your customers? With Nicereply Popup surveys you can!

We are so excited to share with you our latest news. We’ve been working hard for months to introduce you to new website popup surveys by Nicereply. 

From now on, you can collect immediate feedback on your website’s user experience, e.g. on your pricing pages.

website pop-up surveys

Why should you measure website feedback?

✔️Enhance site usability and increase conversions.

✔️Optimize the in-app or web experience & reduce customer churn.

✔️Determine the barriers that prevent customers from purchasing.

✔️Get feedback on specific web pages (such as pricing or blogs).

✔️Find new ideas for content & user education.

What are the advantages of our website popup surveys?

🚀 Effortless survey implementation

Quick setup and intuitive design help you set up a new survey in minutes. In case of any trouble, you can book a free call where a dedicated account manager leads you step-by-step through the whole process.

🔍 You’ll have full control of your popup surveys

You can decide when and how often your popup survey will appear on the website. You can set up an exit intent or target specific URLs, it’s all up to you!

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