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Lenka Brozmanova Lenka Brozmanova · 2 min read

We have some very exciting news for all of our users.

Nicereply released a brand new Rating Feed that will provide a comprehensive view of all your customer feedback in one place.

The updated feed is packed with several exciting features such as updated appearance, filters, rating detail, rating management options, new scale visuals, rating tags & much more. Let’s look at some of the biggest changes.

New Rating Feed Appearance

The biggest change you’ll notice is that in the new Rating Feed you’re able to see feedback from all satisfaction metrics in one place. Thanks to that, you don’t have to switch between three different feeds to see the latest feedback from your customers. The new feed provides a comprehensive view of your team & agent performance regarding customer satisfaction, effort & loyalty. All your feedback is displayed in chronological order.

Another update you’ll notice is the new design of CSAT, CES & NPS rating scales in the new rating feed. You can easily differentiate feedback gathered from different satisfaction metrics. Customer satisfaction feedback is displayed by smiley faces, stars, or thumbs. Satisfaction score values are no longer represented as a number out of 10. Instead each rating scale has its own numerical representation – smiley faces rating value will be calculated out of 3, for thumbs it’s out of 2, and for stars it’s 10. Customer effort feedback is displayed by a square numerical value. NPS loyalty feedback is represented with round numerical values.

Rating Detail

Another new feature is the advanced rating detail which allows you to see the specifics of each customer rating.

The rating detail view includes a summary about the rated agent, customers name, company & email, and the date & location of the feedback. There’s also info about the survey which the rating came from.

It’s possible to add or remove specific tags to the rating so that you can better differentiate your customer feedback. There are also two actionable buttons allowing you to edit or delete the rating.

Updated Rating Feed Filters

New rating feed offers more filtering options for your team. It’s possible to filter customer feedback by one specific survey or multiple surveys. You can also see feedback received by a specific agent, multiple agents, or various teams.

There’s a filter allowing you to display positive, neutral or negative feedback. Or you can filter ratings with or without comments.

Another neat feature is an option to search for specific values in each of the new filters.

Rating tags

The last big rating feed update is the addition of rating tags.

We are very excited to bring you this highly requested feature. From now on you can add tags to every single received rating. Thanks to that you are able to separate customer feedback more effectively & make sure no issue will go unnoticed. Additionally, the new tag filter will then enable you to filter & inspect ratings with specific tags.

You’re also able to tag or delete multiple ratings at once with the bulk actions feature. All you need to do is to choose the ratings you’d like to edit, and then click on the desired action.

We are working on more exciting product updates so make sure to check our blog regularly to be up to date!

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