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For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been working on a very exciting update – a brand new Customer Happiness Benchmark page.

What will this page bring to you? We created it with an idea that you might be curious about how well you’re doing in comparison to other companies. The goal of the Customer Happiness Benchmark page is to show the customer satisfaction performance of top companies using Nicereply and provide you with an objective view of your position in the customer service world.

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benchmark page

Everyone likes to be in 1st place. After a general benchmark data, you can see the Leaderboard of the most successful companies with the highest Customer Satisfaction Score. In this section, you can compare your ratings to the top performers, and also see what types of rating scales they’re using.

benchmark page

The next leaderboard is about the Net Promoter Score metric. Here you can see companies with the most loyal customers. And that’s exactly what you want – customers that always return to you and recommend you to others. The main point is – it’s always good to see how you and your competition are doing and then, do your best to be the first one. There are never enough loyal customers!

The last leaderboard displays companies with the most effortless experience. Customer Effort Score is one of the most important factors which decides if the customer will choose your product/service or not. Keep this in mind while you are creating the customer journey. Look at how your competition is doing and try to beat them the next time.

Benchmark by support team size

The customer satisfaction performance can vary a lot according to your team size. Company size also influences the size of your support team and the number of ratings you receive. Thanks to this part of the page you can gain an objective view of the score (CSAT, NPS, CES) according to your company size.

benchmark page

Compare yourself

From time to time it is good to be honest with yourself. Get the necessary insights and use them to your advantage. It’s so easy! Just write down the scale you use and the score you received. Click on “Compare score” and see the results.

No matter what kind of result you get, the most important part is the action you are going to take after that. Remember it.

benchmark page

Benchmark by country

benchmark page

The last part of our satisfaction benchmark page is a satisfaction benchmark by country. Get a quick overview of where in the world Nicereply’s surveys are used. Thanks to this benchmark you can compare how the satisfaction of customers differentiates in various parts of the world. Are the customers in America more satisfied than customers in Europe? Well, go to the website and find it out!

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