TOP 5 Customer Happiness Blogs in 2018 by Nicereply

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As 2018 came to an end, it’s a great time to reflect and look back on TOP blog posts that have been published during the year.

Looking back, last year has been an exceptional year. Ever since day 1 of 2018 we published around 110 blogs full of tips and tricks to improve your customer experience.

Now we look forward to publishing even more useful resources and quality content that help you and your business provide amazing customer service in 2019!

In the meanwhile we encourage you to read these TOP 5 blogs we produced last year:

50 Customer Service Experts You Should Be Following (even if you’re not on Twitter)

Would you like to know more about customer service? These 50 customer service experts with their own unique perspective can help you to grow stronger and effective customer service.

Read blogs, share them on your social media and follow their fresh ideas on Twitter within a handy list for you to subscribe to.

4 Tips to Create an Effective Marketing Campaign That Has an Influence

Running a marketing campaign is a more conventional approach to driving brand awareness. We know, there is no rulebook on how to succeed, but there are some factors you should keep in mind.

Start off on the right foot by reading these 4 tips to create an effective marketing campaign.

7 Support Phrases Customers Hate to Hear (and what to say instead)

Angry customers can be difficult to handle. To avoid making them angrier, stop using typical support phrases that everyone hates.

Here are 7 customer support phrases that your customers hate to hear and examples what to say instead.

The Definitive 2018 Guide to Customer Effort Score

Building a customer experience founded on effortless customer service will win your company a lot of fans. Because CES focuses on a different part of customer experience, you’ll see different areas of opportunity to improve.

Get an ultimate 2018 guide to customer effort score and improve your customer service in no time.

The Importance of Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers will spend more with your company over their lifetime. They will recommend your product and services to family and friends.
Measuring customer loyalty can be difficult because customers don’t always do what they say they will. But with the right metric, your loyal customers can help you grow and keep profits high.

Read on to find out why the importance of customer loyalty was crucial for businesses growth in 2018.

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