Staying on top of new customer service trends can be exhausting. Plus, if you’re only getting news from your vendors, you might not be getting the full picture.

Having a well rounded collection of sources can help your team identify new opportunities for improvement and up your customer service game. Plus, it’s really nice to be inspired every now and then!

We’ve got quite a few friends in the customer service world who inspire us. The list below is a sample of some of our favorite smart people who keep us on top of our game. We’ve linked each person to their Twitter feed so you can follow them. For those of you not on Twitter, we’ve also included links to the best customer service podcasts, books, email newsletters and blogs, so you can follow your favorites without logging on!

Customer Service Authors, Writers, Consultants and Influencers

  • Mathew Patterson – Customer Service Evangelist at HelpScout. You can follow his writing on the HelpScout Blog.
  • Blake Morgan – Influencer, Customer Experience Consultant and all around smart lady, Blake’s been sharing her knowledge as a Forbes contributor for years
  • Heidi Craun – Founder of Insightful Delight, a boutique customer support consultancy, as well as Intermitten, a unique tech conference centered around creativity, community and diversity.
  • Shep Hyken – Could any list be complete without him? Shep’s an author, speaker and thought leader on all things customer service. Subscribe to his blog for great knowledge about elevating your customer service strategy.
  • John R Patterson – Speaker, Author, Customer Service and Leadership Consultant, John is generous with sharing great articles from a wide variety of writers on his Twitter feed.
You get a sense of potential service eye candy when you notice signs and posters reminding you how important you are as a #customer @johnrpatt Click To Tweet

Customer Service Podcast Hosts

Founders of Help Desks and other Software

  • Nick Francis – Founder of HelpScout, help desk software
  • Viktor Magic – Our very own Founder of Nicereply, survey software
  • Mikkel Svane – Founder of Zendesk, help desk softw are
  • Jamie Edwards – Co-Founder of Kayako, help desk software
  • Des Traynor – Co-Founder of Intercom, customer conversations and insight software
  • Lindsay Willott – Co-Founder of Customer Thermometer, customer satisfaction software
  • Aaron Fulkerson – Founder of MindTouch, self service support software
  • Chris Martinez – Co-Founder of Idiomatic, AI driven insights tool for support conversations
  • Nick Mehta – Founder of Gainsight, a customer success platform
  • Derek Homann – Co-Founder of Median, screenshare software for chat
Blake Morgan: When we focus on money, we repel money. We have to focus on delivering value @BlakeMichelleM Click To Tweet

It’s almost too much, isn’t it? If you are the Twitter type, we’ve put together a handy list for you to subscribe to. You can find our Twitter list of top customer service experts HERE.

Have we missed someone? (we’re sorry!) Need to request a correction? (again, we’re sorry!) Email us at to get in touch.

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