“I would recommend Nicereply to every company that wants to improve their Customer service and thereby gain the favour of the customers.

The business challenge

The largest flight ticket seller in the Slovak Republic was founded in 2004 as the first online flight ticket, accommodation and travel insurance provider.

I’ve worked for the company for more than two years at the position of Customer Care Specialist.  My job is to help improve our Customer service and accomplish customer satisfaction.

Nicereply is the way how to collect as much information and feedback from customers as we can on all six markets in which we operate. With the help of this tool, we would like to make our Customer service as excellent as possible.

How Nicereply helped

Nicereply helps us keep track of our customers’ opinions. It is a very practical tool for improving our Customer service because we want to have only satisfied customers. We can quickly respond and help our customers get the best service.

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