Running a Customer Care Team With Empathy at ipsy

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„It’s important for ipsy to know how well we’re doing and if members are satisfied with our solutions, while giving them the chance to leave us feedback on our service.“ 

ipsy was founded with a singular mission: to inspire individuals around the world to express their unique beauty. They combine personalized sampling, content from top beauty creators, and an elevated shopping experience through ipsy Shopper to create the ultimate beauty experience. The ipsy Glam Bag is just one piece in their mission of beauty discovery, and their intention has remained the same: to give every individual the tools to form their own definition of beauty.

They’re headquartered in the Bay Area with an office in New York City and a studio production and editing facility in Santa Monica. They have a team who works tirelessly to make exceptional things happen every single day while dreaming big and innovating to delight their members.

ipsy received an award for collecting the most ratings in Customer Happiness Awards 2018.

As the Content Manager for ipsy’s Customer Care team (known as ipsyCare), Thyra Vargas juggles a multitude of tasks—creating and editing member-facing communications, while maintaining a robust knowledge base and tackling day-to-day demands.

No day is ever truly the same, but sometimes the uncertainty of not knowing what the day brings keeps Thyra on her toes and truly excites her.

As an independent contributor, she lends her expertise to support their agents on the front line who interact with their members through email and social platforms every day.

problem ipsy


Since their founding in 2011, ipsy’s team has grown in size and structure to meet the needs of their rapidly growing community, new features, and events (ipsy Gen Beauty). ipsy is a data driven company, and one of ipsyCare’s KPIs is member satisfaction.

„It’s important for us to know how well we’re doing and if members are satisfied with our solutions, while giving them the chance to leave us feedback on our service.“ That’s why they needed a tool that would cover and measure this.

Solution ipsy


Nicereply gives ipsy the ability to understand their members so they can be strategic with their operations and make ipsy’s future interactions as frictionless as possible. „When we’ve tested out new site features in the last year, the direct feedback from our members made it clear what worked well and what didn’t work.

We shared this valuable feedback with our business partners, and implemented changes for a better member experience.“. What people at ipsy like about Nicereply is it’s easy integration and customisation options.

„Nicereply was easy to integrate with our email platform, and we like having the ability to customize the rating scale to make the feedback loop clear.“

Nicereply allowed ipsy to analyse every comment, understand important insights and identify the exact spots to improve.

„We read every single comment, brainstorm on opportunities to improve, and share the insights we’ve gleaned with our business partners across multiple departments to create the best experience for our members.“.

Another bonus is that ipsy is able to address every single negative feedback and praise those whose ratings are the best.

„Nicereply helps us commit to follow-ups—especially on low scores—to ensure that every member’s needs are addressed, and no learning opportunity on our end is missed. We also extract “feel good” comments from Nicereply to give shout outs to our team members every day and share them at our company wide meetings to set the tone for the week.“

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