Customer Happiness Awards: A Quick Look Back at Teams’ Accomplishments Over the Years

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The award that recognizes the best businesses in providing outstanding customer experience.

We’ve seen a lot of ratings over the years – and gotten a few ourselves! Every one of our customers has a different style, different customer personas and completely different ways of gaining customer’ loyalty. But every successful business has one thing in common: goal to make all customers happy.

To appreciate our customers we started awarding support teams for their hard work and dedication to excellence. We are continuously inspired by seeing companies to grow, receiving more positive reviews and getting better in customer experience.

We’ve been rewarding teams for 5 years in various categories. Our tradition began in 2014 when Nicereply awarded 10 teams in 8 categories. With the highest rating average 9.79, finance & accounting software Freshbooks became an ultimate winner of Customer Happiness Awards 2014.

One year later we celebrated success of Training Center Krav Maga Mexico, who “fought” for the 1st place with an average score 9.94.

In year 2016 we gave out awards in three categories based on the volume of ratings. Company Freshbooks defended their 1st place title with more than 10,000 ratings. The real estate broker software SkySlope, received the highest average rating among companies with 5,000 to 10,000 ratings. In the category “up to 5,000 ratings”, hosting service Layershift ranked 1st with outstanding average score 9,78.

Last year we started to award teams based on the size of the company. Online marketing platform Memiah ranked 1st among Small Businesses. In category Medium Businesses Skyslope ranked 1st with number of ratings – 13 206. The 3rd category was dominated by Slovakia’s most important cultural institution Slovak National Theatre (SND), who received the highest score among Large Businesses.

Besides the winning teams in 3 categories, we also gave out 4 honorable mentions:

Year 2019 brings new goals and new changes. On February 19th we will award the best teams in 3 categories – the best CSAT,NPS and CES score + honorable mention for the biggest growth in each metric. If you want to be the first to know who are the winners of Customer Happiness Awards 2019, join us here.

How to be listed among the winners?

Customer experience often isn’t perfect at the beginning and it doesn’t need to be. Starting small, being patient and constantly working to improve as your business grows is what counts. Thanks to the winners of Customer Happiness Awards, we collected a number of hints that can help other teams become better too.

Here’s a list full of tips & tricks to be a no. 1 in Customer Service:

1. Personalize each interaction, and make connections

At the end of the day, customer support is about helping people and making their day a little brighter. As clichéd as it sounds, every customer interaction is an opportunity to make a difference.

2. Actively listen to the customer’s needs

The old saying goes – you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen first, talk second. The best listeners are fully present and interested in the conversation. They aren’t just waiting for their turn to talk next.

3. Mind the Details

Map out the details that’ll make a customer feel seen and appreciated. Whether you do this through directly connecting with them at a specific step in their journey with your product or by simply sending a friendly note, the details that show you care will make an impact.

4. Always Be Improving/Learning

Buy yourself some new stationary, brew a cup of coffee and curl up with some books. Learning new skills like data analysis or user experience design can help you stay relevant in your role even as the robots begin to automate some tasks.

5. Build trust from the get-go

Trust is earned, not given, and you start earning your customer’s trust as soon as they engage with your brand. So you need to ensure that everything about your business is open and honest.

6. Use data to improve your customer experience

Use information gleaned from previous transactions to make future ones better. Send out a customer satisfaction survey after they make a purchase, asking what they liked, what they didn’t like, and how you could do better. Every brand, no matter how big or small, does this, so make sure you do too.

So, do you want to be a leader in customer experience? Follow these tips and maybe you will win next year as well! See you on the winner’s pedestal of Customer Happiness Awards 2020!

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