Customer Satisfaction Survey Tools: Our 14 Top Recommendations 

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There’s a strong correlation between customer satisfaction and a company’s financial performance. Satisfied customers tend to purchase more, return more often, and bring in more revenue.

Measuring customer satisfaction is more than just a metric — it provides insights, drives improvements, and can cascade positive effects on nearly every facet of a business. Engaging customers through feedback can make them feel valued and listened to, deepening the relationship and fostering a partnership. Let’s review a list of customer satisfaction survey tools to help you understand clients’ needs.

Why it is crucial to measure customer satisfaction?

Measuring customer satisfaction is essential for many reasons, and understanding its importance can drive businesses to focus on customer-centric strategies. Measuring customer satisfaction provides invaluable feedback on what’s working well and what needs improvement. It can highlight specific product, service, or interaction issues that might be overlooked without direct customer input. To effectively gauge consumer happiness, businesses around the globe are investing in the best customer satisfaction survey tools available.

There’s a strong correlation between customer satisfaction and a company’s financial performance. Satisfied customers tend to purchase more, return more often, and bring in more revenue. According to statistics, 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report increased revenue.

Why do businesses need specific software for customer satisfaction surveys?

Why do businesses need specific software for customer satisfaction surveys?

By utilizing the services of customer satisfaction survey companies, businesses can identify areas where they excel and aspects needing enhancement, ensuring customer loyalty and retention. Let’s explore why the best way is to consider investing in dedicated tools:

  1. Reach flexibility. Businesses can ensure they reach them effectively depending on where the customer engages most. For example, an eCommerce site might use email post-purchase for customer survey questions, while a mobile app might use in-app notifications.
  2. Consistent brand image. Dedicated customer survey software often allows businesses to customize the look and feel of the survey to align with their brand, ensuring a consistent experience.
  3. Integration with business systems. Customer surveys can be triggered based on specific actions, like closing a support ticket, to gather timely feedback. Insights from satisfaction surveys can inform sales and marketing strategies, allowing for more targeted campaigns.
  4. Engagement and user experience. Surveys can change in real-time based on responses, ensuring irrelevant questions are skipped and making the survey feel personalized.
  5. Automated feedback collection. The best customer satisfaction survey tools not only provide insightful data but also help in formulating strategies to boost customer contentment and retention. Automation ensures that every customer or a representative sample can provide feedback without fail. Automated customer surveys can be triggered by specific events, ensuring feedback is collected when experiences are fresh in the client’s mind. 

Customer satisfaction survey tools free up resources and time, enabling businesses to focus on making necessary improvements based on the feedback gathered.

Key features to look for in customer satisfaction survey tools

Relying on customer satisfaction surveys companies can free up businesses’ internal resources, enabling them to focus on implementing improvements and innovations based on the gathered data. When you’re on the lookout for optimal survey software to gather feedback from customers, certain key features become critical to ensure that you capture accurate, actionable insights:

  • Ease of use — the tool should be user-friendly for the person designing the survey and the respondents. Many online platforms offer a customer satisfaction survey template free, making it easier for companies to design and distribute their surveys without additional costs.
  • Customizability — you should be able to design surveys that match your brand’s look and feel.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting — real-time feedback collection and visualization tools.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) capability — If you’re looking to gauge customer loyalty, the tool should be able to facilitate NPS surveys.
  • Follow-up mechanisms — the ability to set up automatic follow-up actions based on survey responses, such as sending a thank-you email, promotional offer, or even triggering a support ticket.

By focusing on these features and aligning them with your specific business needs and goals, you can identify the customer satisfaction survey tool that’s best suited for your business. Always test a few options to get a hands-on feel before committing to a particular solution. Companies on a budget can still receive crucial customer feedback by utilizing customer satisfaction survey tools free of expense.

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14 Top Customer Satisfaction Survey Tools


A dynamic customer satisfaction survey tool, Nicereply empowers businesses to gauge customer feedback seamlessly. Designed with user-friendliness at its core, this platform facilitates the integration of satisfaction surveys directly into emails and support tickets. By leveraging its robust analytics capabilities, businesses can delve deep into feedback, identifying areas of excellence and potential improvement. Whether you’re keen on measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), or Customer Effort Score (CES), Nicereply offers an all-encompassing solution to make feedback-driven decision-making an integral part of your business strategy.


Nicereply customer satisfaction surveys

Google Forms

An intuitive and versatile free tool, Google Forms offers a straightforward approach to creating customer satisfaction surveys. Its user-friendly interface allows businesses to craft custom surveys quickly without specialized knowledge. With a suite of question types and design options, it caters to diverse feedback needs. Seamlessly integrated with other Google services, analyzing and sharing data becomes effortless. While it might not have the advanced analytics of dedicated survey platforms, Google Forms provides a cost-effective solution. When businesses utilize customer satisfaction survey tools free of charge, they can effortlessly collect feedback and understand their client’s needs and expectations. is an excellent choice for making customer satisfaction surveys. It is a platform that is easy for users and allows the creation of forms, surveys, and quizzes without requiring coding knowledge. One of the fantastic things about is that many of its advanced features are accessible for free. This includes conditional logic, calculators, product baskets, various question types, payment collection, signature collection, and advanced analytics. Additionally, provides an AI form generator feature that can speed up the creation of forms and surveys. Just describe what you want to create, and the AI will handle the rest by automatically generating options based on your question titles, saving you time and effort. Furthermore, offers over 4000 customizable templates that can be used to create professional-looking forms and surveys.


Survey tool offers businesses a nuanced approach to gathering customer insights. Software customer satisfaction survey questions should be structured to gauge both the strengths and weaknesses of the product, offering a holistic view of the customer experience. Specializing in real-time feedback, this tool seamlessly integrates into websites, apps, and emails, enabling enterprises to capture the pulse of their user experience. With its visually-driven feedback mechanism, users can pinpoint specific elements on digital platforms, facilitating precise and actionable insights. Coupled with robust analytics and reporting capabilities, Usabilla stands as a holistic solution for those aiming to elevate their customer satisfaction metrics in the digital domain.


The best customer satisfaction survey tools offer comprehensive analytics and insights, helping businesses of all sizes to continually enhance their customer service efforts and product offerings. As one of the leading platforms in the survey domain, SurveyMonkey offers an expansive toolkit for businesses keen on diving deep into customer satisfaction. Its intuitive design interface and a vast library of templates allow for quickly creating tailored feedback forms. The platform stands out with its advanced analytical tools, ensuring that businesses gather feedback and derive actionable insights from it. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, SurveyMonkey’s scalability and integration capabilities make it an indispensable ally in the quest for enhanced customer experiences.



As a specialist in contextual feedback, Qualaroo shifts the paradigm by delivering targeted survey prompts at pivotal moments in the user journey. This tool’s strength lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with websites and apps, allowing businesses to solicit feedback without disrupting the user experience. Enhanced by AI-powered analytics, Qualaroo ensures that insights are gathered and intelligently interpreted, enabling actionable decision-making. For businesses eager to understand the ‘why’ behind user behaviors and preferences, Qualaroo emerges as an invaluable asset in the landscape of customer satisfaction survey solutions.


Revolutionizing the survey experience with its engaging and interactive design, Typeform transforms the way businesses collect customer feedback. Its unique conversational approach to questionnaires ensures higher response rates, capturing the attention of respondents in a human-centric manner. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Typeform offers a suite of powerful analytics tools, making the interpretation of feedback a breeze. Gathering feedback through software customer satisfaction survey questions is a strategic move for software companies aiming to increase customer loyalty and build a stronger brand reputation. Perfectly suited for businesses that value both form and function, Typeform stands as a beacon in the realm of customer satisfaction survey tools, ensuring every interaction leaves a lasting impression.

typeform lead generation forms


Bridging the gap between feedback collection and actionable insights, GetFeedback is a premier customer satisfaction survey platform tailored to modern enterprises. Its intuitive interface allows for rapid survey creation, while its integration capabilities, especially with Salesforce, enable businesses to align feedback directly with customer profiles. GetFeedback is especially adept at real-time feedback capture, ensuring companies can swiftly pivot in response to customer sentiments. With its focus on providing a seamless and responsive survey experience across devices, GetFeedback positions itself as an invaluable tool for businesses keen on fostering genuine customer-centric growth.



Infusing the traditional survey experience with a conversational twist, SurveySparrow redefines how businesses approach customer feedback. Effective software customer satisfaction survey questions cover various aspects of the customer experience, from ease of use and reliability to customer support and problem resolution. Mimicking the fluidity of real-life conversations, its platform engages respondents in a dialogue-styled interface, leading to higher completion rates and more authentic feedback. Beyond its innovative design, SurveySparrow boasts robust analytical tools, providing businesses with insightful dashboards and actionable metrics. Its multi-channel support, from websites and apps to email and social media, ensures a holistic understanding of customer satisfaction. For businesses eyeing a blend of engagement and insight, SurveySparrow offers a refreshing take on the feedback collection paradigm.


Renowned as a heavyweight in the experience management industry, Medallia offers a comprehensive platform tailored to unearth deep customer insights. Designed for businesses that prioritize customer-centricity, Medallia excels in capturing feedback across varied touchpoints, from digital interactions to in-store experiences. Its advanced analytics engine seamlessly transforms feedback into actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to anticipate and respond to customer needs with agility. With its commitment to real-time feedback and ability to integrate many data sources, Medallia stands as a beacon for enterprises aiming to elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics.

Medallia dashboard


Touted as a leader in the experience management domain, Qualtrics offers an unparalleled solution for businesses seeking profound insights into customer satisfaction. Beyond mere survey creation, the platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to measure, analyze, and act upon feedback across multiple touchpoints. Qualtrics empowers organizations to proactively address customer needs and pain points with robust analytical capabilities, including AI-driven insights and predictive analytics. For businesses aiming to lead with a customer-centric approach, Qualtrics serves as an indispensable partner in harnessing the power of feedback to drive tangible improvements.


Catering to businesses seeking a straightforward and focused approach to feedback collection, Feedbackify offers a no-frills platform that prioritizes ease of use. With its simple interface, companies can quickly set up targeted feedback forms, encouraging customers to share their experiences and suggestions. While it might not boast the extensive features of some competitors, its strength lies in its directness and efficiency. Feedbackify provides an intuitive category-based feedback system, ensuring businesses can rapidly identify areas for celebration or improvement. For those desiring a streamlined solution to tap into customer sentiments, Feedbackify emerges as a refreshingly uncomplicated choice.


Positioned as a pioneer in Net Promoter Score (NPS) solutions, Satmetrix offers businesses a specialized platform to gauge and elevate customer loyalty. With a foundation rooted in data-driven insights, this tool provides a holistic view of the customer journey, identifying key touchpoints and areas of improvement. Its robust analytics and reporting capabilities transform raw feedback into actionable intelligence, empowering businesses to enact customer-centric strategies with precision. For enterprises aiming to lead with a loyalty-focused approach and foster enduring customer relationships, Satmetrix is an instrumental partner in pursuing excellence.


As a versatile online form builder, Jotform extends its capabilities into the realm of customer satisfaction surveys with ease and finesse. Known for its drag-and-drop interface, Jotform simplifies the process of crafting tailored feedback forms to capture the essence of customer sentiments. Beyond surveys, its adaptability allows businesses to create various forms, from registrations to order forms, all under one umbrella. With a rich set of integrations and customization options, Jotform ensures that feedback collection remains a seamless part of any business’s digital ecosystem. For those seeking a blend of simplicity and functionality, Jotform presents a compelling choice.


Implementing Feedback into Action

Customers will likely remain loyal to the brand when their opinions matter and lead to fundamental changes. When you build a system where customer feedback is collected and analyzed, it emphasizes the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Once feedback is collected and analyzed, various departments within a company need to collaborate and decide on actionable steps.

  • Sales: they can adjust their pitch and understand potential leads better by recognizing what current customers love or dislike.
  • Product Development: uses feedback to tweak features, remove bugs, or even innovate new solutions the market seeks.
  • Customer Support: they can proactively address common concerns, enhance their FAQ sections, or adjust their training based on recurring issues.


An iterative improvement process involves making continual small changes to a product or service based on feedback instead of infrequent, more extensive overhauls. It’s easier to make small changes and tweaks based on timely feedback rather than waiting for a significant issue to pile up. Implementing software customer satisfaction survey questions in post-purchase or post-interaction surveys enables businesses to continually refine and enhance their software offerings based on real user feedback. Regular, minor adjustments reduce the risk of big mistakes that might alienate the customer base. If an iteration isn’t well-received, it’s easier to revert or adjust again. 

In conclusion, while generic survey tools might suffice for basic feedback collection, the nuanced needs of businesses — especially those with a significant customer base, varied channels of interaction, and specific branding requirements — make specialized customer satisfaction survey software an indispensable asset. A customer satisfaction survey template free of cumbersome language and complexity ensures that customers can easily provide their feedback, leading to more responses and more valuable insights.

Remember to evaluate each tool based on your specific needs, budget, and technical capabilities. It’s a good practice to take advantage of free trials or demo versions to get a feel for the platform and determine if it fits your requirements.

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