Customer Happiness Awards 2018

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Customer Happiness Awards 2018 aim to discover and promote customer service teams who deliver a unique experience to their customers and users. The first year of the awards (2014) had a huge positive response among the community of Nicereply users, as did all the subsequent years of the awards. We’re thankful, that with the help of these amazing customer service teams we get to continue the tradition of Customer Happiness Awards. We have been rewarding outstanding customer service teams for 4 years now and we’re very excited to announce the best customer service teams this year as well.

This year we’re giving awards in 3 categories based on the size of the company (number of employees) – Large businesses (200+), Medium businesses (51-200), Small businesses (1-50). There are three companies awarded in the main categories. Top three teams in every category were selected by a rating formula and their results beyond the scope of our main categories. We’re also giving out a couple of honorable mentions to companies achieving commendable results outside of the 3 main categories: Most Loyal Customers, Most Effortless Experience, Most Rated Company and Biggest Growth.  

And the winners of Customer Happiness Awards 2018 are…

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