On the FreshBooks Support Team, “Customers First, Always” is our defining core value. Nicereply allows us to directly measure our customer experience and gives our team members a source of constant customer feedback. We are thrilled and honoured to receive this award!

Steve Bujouves
Director of Support, Freshbooks

Best Agents

Our best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1. Kae Natividad 9.80
2. Rachel Guloien 9.75
3. Geoff MacDougall 9.65
4. Saul Lam 9.72
5. Deanna McCaw 9.68

Customers say

What our customers say

“1st.....PEOPLE answer the phone!!! 2nd...Those employees answering the phone, are always happy and anxious to see how they can help me. My only regret (if any), is that I don't have more reasons to call for help.”

“It's the best customer service experience ever, starting with a human being answering the phone. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't ever change that. When you get huge and IPO, don't sell out. Please. Everyone is so nice. I think you are Canadian, right? That would make sense. Don't change. I'm glad to pay for this level of support.”

“We had fun conversations and he fixed my issues quickly! I felt like I was cared for and not just another person needing to be dealt with.”

Most used

Most used words by our customers