How SevenRooms Improves Customer Experience by Motivating Support Agents [Podcast]

Craig Stoss Craig Stoss · 2 min read

Motivation is key to making sure the team can drive that mission.

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It seems obvious that highly motivated support agents will provide a higher level of customer experience, but in practice, focusing on motivation is difficult. Often, an individual’s morale isn’t discussed until a problem is noticed. If that happens, agent attrition or lack of engagement are likely consequences—both of which lead to a poor customer experience.

Matt Gilston, Director of Customer Support at SevenRooms, takes a different approach. He believes that employee engagement and motivation start even before the employment contract is signed! He knows that highly motivated agents provide a better customer experience, and a leader’s role is to engage with the team to keep that engagement high.

In Conversation with Matt Gilston, Director of Customer Support at SevenRooms

SevenRooms is a guest experience platform that helps hospitality operators unlock the full revenue potential of their data. From neighborhood restaurants and bars to international hospitality, all of us can imagine the panic if something goes wrong at peak time on a Friday night. These restaurateurs rely on SevenRooms to support them so they can support their patrons, even at the atypical, outside of the usual nine-to-five business hours they are open. Motivation is key to making sure the team can drive that mission.

In our chat, Matt outlines how they use the interview process to highlight the vast opportunities at SevenRooms, and how the company enables you to be successful with your career goals. We then talk about delivering both good and bad news in ways that agents will understand clearly and will minimize the impact on their job satisfaction. And finally, we dive into helping agents be proud of their own work versus seeking leadership approval. This critical element, Matt posits, is the best way to keep motivation high. These practices have a clearly positive impact in all facets of the customer experience and can be applied to almost any business.

In a new episode with Matt from SevenRooms, we explore a unique approach to motivation and something all support leaders can apply to their teams today.

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Craig Stoss Craig Stoss

Craig has spent time in more than 30 countries working with support, development, and professional services teams building insight into Customer Experience and engagement. He is driven by building strong, effective support and services teams and ensuring his customers are successful. In his spare time Craig leads a local Support Thought Leadership group. He can be found on Twitter @StossInSupport

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