Balancing the Spectrum of Service Cost and Customer Experience at Rachio [Podcast]

Craig Stoss Craig Stoss · 2 min read

Offering high-touch, personalized customer services has a higher cost than self-service or no-touch support

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When designing a customer experience, companies are faced with many decisions. Each service you offer might improve the customer’s experience, but they also come with a cost.

In a company with high seasonality where caseload fluctuates, these factors need to be monitored to ensure you aren’t under-servicing your customer when they need it most. This is where Scott Lawrence, Director of Customer Success and Brand at Rachio, shines. He uses data analytics to decide very precisely what services bring the most value to his customers.

Rachio is a smart sprinkler controller that is focused on reducing water waste while improving your lawn care. For many of us, lawn maintenance isn’t required for part of the year, but when it is in season, it is relevant to everyone all at once.

This fluctuation opens up an interesting dilemma for supporting customers: How do you create an engaging customer experience in times of high load while balancing cost in times of low load?

In conversation, with Scott Lawrence, Director of Customer Success and Brand at Rachio

Scott’s background is in data and specifically finding correlations that can drive impactful change for an organization. At Rachio, he applies these techniques to create better customer experiences. By mapping the customer journey and collecting feedback across every touchpoint, he focuses on common pain points to build a high-satisfaction organization. Scott believes that to be genuinely data-driven means “embracing that sometimes data says things that are uncomfortable” and using that discomfort to make impactful change.

Customer experience is a spectrum. Offering high-touch, personalized customer services has a higher cost than self-service or no-touch support.

In our conversation, we discuss how to find the right spot on that spectrum and learn when Scott is logical like Spock and when he’d rather punch aliens like Kirk.

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Craig Stoss Craig Stoss

Craig has spent time in more than 30 countries working with support, development, and professional services teams building insight into Customer Experience and engagement. He is driven by building strong, effective support and services teams and ensuring his customers are successful. In his spare time Craig leads a local Support Thought Leadership group. He can be found on Twitter @StossInSupport

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