How PartnerHero Maintains Industry Leading Support Quality [Podcast]

A successful program needs to address the perception of undue oversight on your team and to follow a meaningful marking rubric.

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Ticket quality assurance (QA) conjures up a variety of anxieties: From executives worried about program costs and managers struggling to gain visibility, to the agents watching for the big bad wolf lurking over their shoulder. Scaling a program that addresses those concerns across multiple companies, geographies, tools, and support policies is not a small task. Sarah Ellenberg, Program Manager at PartnerHero, deals with these issues every day.

PartnerHero provides global support services for your business. Their service is to provide talented individuals with a variety of skills to companies that need high-quality support quickly. To maintain their high standard of service, they have implemented a robust program around ticket QA. Sarah is responsible for assessing ticket quality for six accounts and 50 associates.

In conversation with Sarah Ellenberg, Program Manager at PartnerHero

In our conversation, Sarah walked me through why quality assurance is so crucial to your customers’ success and how these programs can be used for agent growth, enhanced engagement, and reduce turnover in staff. A QA program’s value is maximized by collecting data that allows a company to drive change at the business level while also offering meaningful coaching opportunities for individual contributors.

A successful program needs to address the perception of undue oversight on your team and to follow a meaningful marking rubric. Your rubric needs to cover three key areas of focus for maximum value. Not only are the scoring criteria you chose important, but also determining what is the right level of ticket review to help your organization recognize and implement improvements. And once everything is up-and-running, you will want to gauge the success of the program by measuring what has been improved internally and for your customers.

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Craig has spent time in more than 30 countries working with support, development, and professional services teams building insight into Customer Experience and engagement. He is driven by building strong, effective support and services teams and ensuring his customers are successful. In his spare time Craig leads a local Support Thought Leadership group. He can be found on Twitter @StossInSupport

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