How Revolut Provides High-Quality Service Through In-App Chat Support [Podcast]

Craig Stoss Craig Stoss · 2 min read

Success for Revolut is a constantly updated knowledge base to solve repeatable problems and allow support agents to find answers fast.

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Customers have high expectations for chat support. The real-time nature of a chat request requires that customers receive a fast, accurate, professional response every time. Delivering that at scale can be a difficult challenge. At Revolut, Sylwia Miela, Service Operations Lead, is tasked with addressing that problem.

Revolut is an app-based Fintech solution that helps customers access multiple currencies more quickly and easily. Their support is offered through 24/7 in-app chat. They have embraced the idea that supporting customers directly from where they are will provide the best possible customer experience. Their agents go through robust training and shadowing programs to gain both the technical skills necessary to support the product and the customer experience delivery skills the company wants to be recognized for.

Revolut regularly promotes an open, safe environment to ask questions of teammates. This ensures that everyone is learning and improving continuously.

In conversation with Sylwia Miela, Service Ops Lead at Revolut

In our conversation, Sylwia shares the creative solutions put in place to help provide high-quality support at scale. The cornerstone of success for Revolut is a constantly updated knowledge base to solve repeatable problems and allow support agents to find answers fast. New hires become immediately effective at helping customers by having access to the collective experiences of the team. There is also a focus on using customer feedback and case reviews to showcase positive behaviors internally to illustrate and promote the high expectations of the support offering.

Support agents are recognized across the team when they provide the high-level of service Revolut expects. By highlighting these examples frequently, other agents adopt the behaviors faster and the customer experience continues to improve. These programs help Revolut make customer satisfaction a focus for everyone.

Listen as Sylwia takes us through all that her team has accomplished to help drive improvements within the support and provide useful tips on how you can adopt these practices for your teams.

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