12 Reasons Why Should Marketers Drive Customer Experience

The primary focus of modern companies is to improve CX rather than sending large questionnaires or following-up the calls to your call-centre.

Currently, customer experience is a hot issue in many companies. The business environment is changing with a dizzy pace.

However, a few companies can handle CX well. Why is it so?

The team responsible for online promotion focuses on increasing conversions. Marketers concentrate on returning value to the business. Operations department aims at keeping up to the pace. CEO considers investing in customer experience risky or expensive. Many companies faced these problems while trying to keep the train on the tracks.

In fact, customer experience requires special attention, applying new techniques and creating partnerships. Only this way companies can drive change. The advice that can be found in this article is based on the experience of marketers who succeeded to develop an effective practical approach to drive CX.

marketersWhat Is the Lasting Impression after Interaction with a Brand?

The lasting impression has nothing to do with marketing campaigns, websites, visual identities or call centers. CX Marketing is about the lasting impression left right after the interaction with a company, feelings and thoughts of consumers and staff. Other things related to branding.

Any analysis in marketing starts with the understanding of consumers’ feelings after interaction with a brand. Creating the correct lasting impression should be the major effort of any company because it can differentiate the company in the market and help increase customers’ engagement.

marketersCX Is Not a Post-Sale Service

Customer experience is more than marketing channels, companies’ websites, marketing events or advertising. Tight interlinks between the customer experience and marketing may mislead inexperienced marketers when trying to develop appropriate CX strategy.

CX concerns all areas of business, including service, support, usage of products, interactions with back office, finance and other departments across the company.

Surveys and Feedback

Many people face the situation when they are asked to answer several questions about products or services, but few people like to waste time on it. This way, companies aim to derive feedback from their consumers and better understand customer experience.

However, surveys don’t reflect real-time information because it takes time to compose them, send to consumers and process the feedback. In addition, consumers are more likely to answer immediately. Therefore, it’s better for companies to give customers an opportunity in a customer-friendly way. For example, encourage consumers to share their experience using their mobile phone.

Tie Customer Feedback to Database

Taking feedback in real time and asking customers about their immediate experience is a good idea.

However, tying up feedback with customer records to take further actions regarding the improvement of customer experience is even more important. Many companies are dreaming about collecting this data because it allows enhancing sales.

From Real-time Surveys to Real-time Actions

Few customers can waste one hour to answer 50 survey questions.

An ideal survey should be short, take 5-10 minutes maximum and tied to the customer base. Taking into account the fast-paced business environment, companies should take immediate actions to improve customer experience. Otherwise, customers may switch to competitors.

MarketersUnderstand How CX Is Formed

Marketers should understand the mechanism of forming CX. According to Assignment Help in Australia, many companies need to better understand what customers feel when they interact with these companies. The companies, in their turn, should be more empathetic and attentive to their customers.

Some companies take customer-centric or employee-centric views, but sometimes these perspectives ignore their actual business interests. Therefore, a balanced perspective should be taken into account when analyzing CX.

Trigger the Change

Triggering the change is not easy. You can either establish a sense of crisis or directly explore what real customers feel when using the products or services of the company by visiting their homes.

This way, stakeholders can face the reality they can’t ignore. This is not a joke: leading marketers used these methods to derive real CX.

Getting creative may also help trigger the change. If stakeholders can’t understand CX, you can bring it to them. For example, you can map customers’ journey and mark each point where customer service issues arise. By following the way all customers do you can understand them better and improve CX.

Turn Vision into a Practical Concept

Things will be clearer to you once you define your focus.

Find an “ah-ha” moment in your business and you will succeed. For example, one of the business owners discovered that the core CX was that customers wanted to do something together. He transformed this vision into a practical concept of his gym business and nailed. The main idea is to turn your vision into something material so customers can understand.

Find Partners

It’s very important for marketers to find partners among the stakeholders of the company. It would be great if you can find the support of a company’s leader.

New leaders are ready to drive change as they can consider issues without a biased judgment. In order to acquire a partner in the person of a more experienced leader, you need to be aggressive and delicate at the same time.

The general rule is to partner with those who have appetite and power to drive real change.

Direct Talk

Giving your customers the feeling they are needed and appreciated is the primary focus. You can reach this goal in many ways like directly talking to them.

Answer support calls and schedule personal meetings, tell them your value their opinion and build solutions to their problems. Ask them what they really need to use your products or services in more effective ways.

In this way, you can capture the most important insights of CX and build strong relationships with your customers.

Don’t Let Customers Forget Why They Chose Your Company

Advanced marketers recognize the value of increasing the number of leads. It’s also important to extend this concept to your customers.

Understanding post-purchase experience of your customers can help improve CX. How to do it? You may provide them with industry research results or white papers or invite them to webinars to address their challenges. You can use this approaches to remind them how useful and functional your products are.

Try to build relationships with your customers rather than track post-service experience.

MarketersDon’t Forget about Continuous Measuring and Refinement

Identify clear goals and follow them.

Measure the effectiveness of your operations on a regular basis. Outline customer retention strategy with the help of process refinement. This will ensure that you didn’t waste your efforts and allocated resources efficiently.
Hence, the primary focus of modern companies is to improve CX rather than sending large questionnaires or following-up the calls to your call-centre.

Building long-term customer relationships is preferable. These activities should be emphasized to gain customers’ trust and loyalty.

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