Nicereply x LiveAgent Integration Benefits

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Finding new ways to improve your customer service should be something that’s on the top of your to-do list every single day.

We don’t say this lightly — according to Forbes 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue. In addition, brands that provide a superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that don’t. Assuming that you want to increase and improve your revenue, the happiness of your customers, and your customer service all at the same time we urge you to read on.

Improving your customer service doesn’t have to be a daunting or costly task. The basis is to find areas of improvement by simply reviewing what your existing customers have to say about your company. The easiest way to do this is to empower your customers to share their opinions about the service they’ve received from you through surveys. Although this may seem simple enough, oftentimes customers are not willing to provide such answers because the surveys provided can simply take up too much time and effort to fill out, or are sent at a later time when the customer is no longer engaged.

Luckily enough, you can easily overcome these bottlenecks with LiveAgent and it’s Nicereply integration. To briefly introduce both software, LiveAgent is a fully-featured help desk software, and Nicereply is an all-in-one customer satisfaction tool. When you merge these two powerhouses, your customer service satisfaction is bound to take off to new heights.

What sets Nicereply apart from the competition

If you’re not all too familiar with what we do here at Nicereply, here’s a little explanation. Nicereply enables you to easily integrate one-click surveys into your email signature, into your live chat widget, and also allows you to automatically send email surveys when desired actions, “triggers”, are executed.

All Nicereply surveys are fully customizable, so you can make the design of your surveys match your business’s color palette and style. Additionally, you can, of course, edit the survey content so that you can ask the right questions about your customer service.

Lastly, Nicereply allows you to measure CSAT, CES, and NPS which are essential metrics to monitor in customer support.

What sets LiveAgent apart from the competition

LiveAgent is a fully-featured help desk and live chat software. It streamlines all your customer communication channels and interactions into a single unified inbox. What this means is that any customer query you receive on social media, through email, voice call, video call, your customer portal or through live chat will be automatically converted into a ticket inside your LiveAgent dashboard.

The software has other advanced features that help customer support teams provide excellent service. These features include but are not limited to a built-in call center, automation rules, gamification, reporting and analysis tools, native live chat widget widgets with proactive chat invitations, and much more.

In essence, LiveAgent saves you tons of time and money, as it eliminates the need to monitor multiple accounts and devices as well as the usage of additional help desk tools.

Nicereply x LiveAgent Integration Benefits

As mentioned above, taking advantage of these two software together can bring your business many benefits. We’ll outline them for you below.

1. Better overview of your performance

Every time you finish a live chat conversation, close a ticket or reply to a customer email through LiveAgent, your customers will have the option to review the customer experience you’ve provided through a Nicereply one-click survey. Once the survey response is recorded, you’ll be notified and can view the response in your Nicereply dashboard. These survey responses will enable you to uncover insights about customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy through Nicereply’s powerful insights and analytics dashboard.

The analytics dashboard enables you to view and segment your average rating scores by time period, agent, department, or by survey type. Create comprehensive reports to view areas of improvement, predict future trends, set goals, and benchmark yourself against industry leaders.

2. Prevent churn with real-time feedback

Because Nicereply notifies you immediately once you receive feedback, you can immediately start taking proactive measures if the feedback is negative. If you take the time to reach out to the customer that left a negative review, you’re taking action to prevent customer churn. Reach out to them via email or phone to let them know that you appreciate their feedback and would like to make it right. After all, it costs 500% more to acquire a customer than to retain an existing one. If you require a smart tool to help you design beautiful action plans or project plans, consider Venngage.

Liveagent x Nicereply

3. Increase the number of loyal customers

Take advantage of Nicereply’s notifications to increase the number of loyal customers. If you receive a positive rating, feel free to reach out to the customer to thank them for their response, and think of a way to strengthen their positive outlook on your company. Perhaps offer a coupon or ask them if there’s anything else you can help with. These small actions can easily strengthen the bond a customer has to your business.

Liveagent x Nicereply

4. Reward hard-working agents

Customer service doesn’t have to be tedious and repetitive. Nicereply enables you to reward your customer service agents by incorporating gamification into their day to day activities. Set monthly, weekly, or daily goals of positive reviews, and if they’re reached, reward your agents! In this manner, gamification can promote healthy competition amongst departments and individuals while promoting workplace productivity.

Liveagent x Nicereply

Reinventing B2C feedback forms

At Nicereply we understand that your customer’s time is valuable. That’s why we’ve created a state of the art customer satisfaction survey tool, that enables your customers to give feedback with a single click. Start improving your customer service today by tracking all customer feedback and metrics. Data from Nicereply enables you to create appropriate action plans to prevent customer churn and strengthen customer loyalty.

If you haven’t used Nicereply yet, give it a try with our free 14-day trial. You won’t be disappointed!

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