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30 Must Read Resources to Improve your NPS

We get by with a little help from our friends. So if you’re looking for inspiration with your customer experience programs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered 30 top resources and articles to help you improve NPS and pad out your reading list.

Top resources and articles to help you improve NPS

Essential Guide to Improve NPS & Introductions

1. What is NPS? An Introduction to Net Promoter Score – John Mayfield

Today, customers have more power than ever to voice their opinion. As a result, it can cause either damage or build your organization. John Mayfield explains the NPS in great detail and why it’s so critical to listen and adjust to customers reviews.


2. How effective is Net Promoter Score (NPS)? – Shep Hyken

Identifies how to take advantage of the NPS system to maximize profits. While still keeping it quick and easy for customers. Shep Hyken also explains why it’s so important to keep up and adapt to a customer and why the NPS is critical for development.


3. My latest 9 recommendations for NPS – Bruce Temkin

Bruce Temkin is a customer experience transformist and his honesty, when discussing the NPS, is rather admirable. He advises on the flaws and how NPS has harmed organizations. As a result, his nine recommendations explain how you can use the NPS to suit your company and drive improvements.


4. The Number One You Need to Know – HBR

The original! These Harvard Business Review articles highlight just how important customer loyalty is for company growth. And how to increase the number of promoters and the importance of making this transparent throughout your organization.


5.  NPS for Newbies: The One Number you need to grow. – Zapier

A great page for understanding everything there is to know about the NPS. And it also explains just why the NPS is the number one favorite loyalty survey to choose. Zapier also underlines a key flaw of the survey: Customers can end up getting treated as just a number and companies can sometimes fixate and try to improve NPS just for the sake of it.


6. Net Promoter Score. What it is and why you should measure it – GetFeedback

Why is it so important to measure customer loyalty and why does this number matter? This great blog shows why it is one of the most important marketing metrics and how it benefits your company. At the end of the day, to improve the NPS means to improve customer experience overall.


7. The Net Promoter Journey. NPS as a score, process, and system – iScoop

iScoop describes the process of NPS as a closed loop system, instead of a one-way information path of customers giving you input that you can compile internally. It’s super important to think about how you can loop back to the customer and include them in the process.


8. Why improving and managing customer satisfaction will boost your NPS Score – Genesys

Genesys suggests three great strategies how to improve NPS score by making the customer experience better: Taking customers’ perspective, adapting the way you phrase the NPS questions and getting bold with your decisions. In addition, rather changing the high-impact issues before the safe low-impact ones.


9. Journey to Greatness – Net Promoter System

A short video by 5 CEOs including the creator of the Net Promoter Score, Fred Reichheld, who describes how the scale started and the many different uses and values of the NPS system. As a result, you can use it across the whole company. Starting with HR and empowering employees to delight customers and measure loyalty.


10.  Net promoter score can improve customer experience – Review Trackers

How to turn your customers into ‘brand advocates’ and ‘referral machines’? Some great advice on how to improve NPS and get more out of customer referrals with guaranteed first class experience.


11. Introducing the Net Promoter System – Bain

An in-depth Net Promoter system that takes the Net Promoter scale to a more advanced level to ensure customer and staff loyalty in a company. This process breaks down the ways to act on the Net Promoter Score with a fast-cycle closed-loop system. The inner loop uses frontline employees to control any immediate issues to improve customer experience. Moreover, there’s an outer-loop system with those who track follow-up, assess data to improve NPS, and overall customer experience. An absorbing read before diving into the system yourself!


12. The Customer Experience Impact – Software Mag

Has the power of technology influenced the importance of customer opinion and a need for systems such as the NPS? Read this to see how to keep up with the fast-changing world around us.


13. A Practitioner’s Guide to Net Promoter Score – Sachin Rekhi

A classic article by Sachin Rekhi, Product guy at LinkedIn, on how they use the NPS to make decisions. He goes through the survey methods, analysis and actions they take, so you get a full picture of their program.

Tutorials & how-to improve NPS

Tutorials & How-to

14. The power of measuring customers’ experience – LiveWork Studio

Explains how to use the NPS alongside other qualitative and quantitative measurements. The NPS can complement them and ensure an overarching customer experience as customers interact at many different touch points, not just a single transaction.


15. 10 actionable tips to improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS) – InsightSquared

It’s not just about tracking the score, but also about how you can continuously improve NPS. The tips outline the benefits of NPS and why following these suggestions present one of the most popular ways to achieve customer loyalty to your company.


16. How to fully automate customer feedback – Baremetrics

Gives some great advice on how to process customer feedback on a large scale – while saving time without compromising the personal touch!


17. How to use Net Promoter to transform the customer journey and drive growth – SatMetrix

“Life’s a journey, not the destination.” A great quote from Emerson that we use to reflect businesses and how they should focus on the customer’s journey and the experience they have. There are some necessary steps to understanding the true nature of the ‘journey’ customers experience. And, furthermore, how you can use NPS to drive business success.


18. How to Build an NPS program that gets Results – Nicereply

Yes, we’ve put ourselves on the list. But this article is worth it: we walk you through building a complete NPS program from start to finish focusing on closing the four loops of feedback.

Best practices to improve NPS

NPS Best Practices

19. Mention NPS Process: Reduce Churn, and increase customer Happiness – Mention

Explains how their NPS system maximizes upgrades. This excellent example shows the benefits of NPS and how they use an automated process to reduce the ‘churn’ and increase incentive requested by customers. It dives into the method they used to capture qualitative data quicker which enables a better response and sells more as a result! ‘Data gives you the what, NPS gives you the Why.’ Hence, the piece is a well worth read on how an automated NPS process can offer better results.


20. Report, Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study, 2016. – Temkin Group

If facts and statistics are what you need, then this Temkin Group business report, Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study for 2016, is perfect for you. They’ve published a range of companies and what they scored. It provides an excellent understanding of how the NPS works.


21. What’s the easiest way to get customer feedback? – Drift

E-mails are a great way to get feedback, but companies like Airbnb have used an ‘in-app’ survey to get more people to write reviews about their experience. It gives the company a benchmark and is a good indicator of the company’s future growth.


22. Zappo’s CEO at SatMetrix’ conference – Tony Hsieh

The CEO of Zeppo talks about how successful a business centered on customer experience is. Still, word-of-mouth is the most successful way of growing, and the power of communicating directly with clients is what Tony Hsieh says is more important than marketing. A unique way to maintain and improve NPS.


23. Four other ways Slack and other Brands use Net Promoter Score. – HubSpot

The simplicity of the Net Promoter Score is what makes it so effective. These four tips show how to set your company apart from the crowded marketplace – a simple solution to a complicated problem.


24. NPS the pros and cons: why use NPS? – Survey Monkey

Survey monkey lays out the pros and cons of the Net Promoter score and addresses if it’s right for your company to adopt it. They also mention several types of research suggesting that an effort to improve NPS strongly links with business growth. So if you have a question about the NPS and whether it’s the right move for your company, you will probably find the answer there!


25. What is NPS? Macquarie’s Customer Experience Journey and how NPS changed us – Macquarie

Macquarie operates in the telecom industry and was receiving four times the complaints of other telecom businesses. They give a detailed step-by-step description of how they totally embraced efforts to improve NPS: Implementing it and committing to it aiming at improving customer experience.


26. Net Promoter Score® Success Stories and Case Studies –  Genro

A range of case studies that demonstrate the success of NPS and business growth. Seeing how other companies have used Net Promoter Score with these external case studies is useful to see what ideas you can take from them to improve NPS.

Potential pitfalls of NPS

The Potential Pitfalls of NPS

Not everyone agrees that to improve NPS is the best way to better customer service. It’s important to know it’s limitations to avoid them. We’ve also included four resources from its critics:


27. NPS – The Good, the Bad and the Dangerous – Joe Ballard

Joe Ballard explains how the NPS can be problematic and counterproductive. Take note and avoid!


28. The Net Promoter Score – a Balanced View – Customer Champions

Draws the advantages and disadvantages of NPS and its ability – or lack of – to predict the future customer loyalty. This article concludes that other techniques combined with the NPS would help yet to find actionable findings.


29. Net Promoter Score (NPS) – Use, Application, and Pitfalls – Checkmarket

Since the NPS is just the starting point; it is what to do after the survey that matters. And this site has some superb critical remarks from a scientific perspective about the Net Promoter scale accuracy.


30. The Pros and Cons of the Net Promoter Score – Customer Satisfaction Strategy

The question asked in the NPS, ‘Would you recommend us to a friend?’, is irrelevant to many industries and situations, and doesn’t get to the cause of the problem. Therefore, Customer Satisfaction Strategy doesn’t think the NPS is the answer to customer satisfaction.

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