Handling Support and Sales of Customers in HubSpot

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“When we don’t hear back from a customer, it can be hard to tell if we’ve done an incredible job answering their question.”

Success story with Nicereply

The Customer Success Team at HubSpot connects customers with the resources they need to drive remarkable results with HubSpot. Our focus on accessibility, promptness and detail helps our customers keep growing.

Experience with Nicereply

Nicereply helps our customers tell us whether they’re getting what they need. This creates opportunities to respond to specific feedback in the short-term while developing longer-term solutions in our approach. At the end of the day, we love working for positive feedback!

The business challenge

The Customer Success Team drives hundreds of important conversations with customers via e-mail every single week. When we don’t hear back from a customer, it can be hard to tell if we’ve done an incredible job answering their question, or they’re simply fed-up and moving on to something else.

How Nicereply helped?

Nicereply helps us stay on track in terms of driving helpful and valuable conversations with our users, and sometimes helps us create a uniquely bright and enjoyable customer experience. We can make sure individual conversations are resolving in a positive manner and over the long-term, our approach to answering customer’s questions becomes more refined and focused on customer value.

HubSpot became our client in January 2016. They use Nicereply in integration with the Front App. Their main aim is “to make the marketing and sales process human”. And that’s exactly where we see eye to eye.

In the world where your competitor’s product is just a click away, improving customer satisfaction matters more than ever.

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