4 Reasons to Replace Your Help Desk’s CSAT Survey

Jesse Short Jesse Short · 5 min read

If you’re looking to get more in-depth and really take advantage of the information you’re collecting, you’ll probably want to invest in a dedicated CSAT survey tool.

If you’re looking to get more in-depth and really take advantage of the information you’re collecting, you’ll probably want to invest in a dedicated CSAT survey tool.

The software we use is no different. It’s not uncommon for software to have features that are adjacent to its primary function. For example, it’s pretty common for help desk software to have reporting functions to track different metrics. Another common feature they include is some version of a customer satisfaction survey.

It makes sense, right? Your support staff is, typically, the team that is measuring customer satisfaction and they are the team using the help desk software.

There was a time when having the most amount of features was attractive. It seemed that the more something could do the higher value it had. But, as time went on, we started to realize that doing lots of things pretty good could come at the expense of doing anything great. It was a “jack of all, master of none” situation. In order to do something at a high level, you need focus. Without it, you’ll probably end up doing very average work.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with something being average, but, if you can, why not get the best? In this article, we cover four reasons why you should replace your help desk’s CSAT survey with a specialized tool.

csat surveyCustomization

When you’re buying clothes you know your general size and fit. No matter where you go, you use those same sizes and, generally, the fit is similar and you’re satisfied. And, really, that’s a great system right up until you have something tailored just for you. The first time you get an item custom-made for your exact measurements, it makes you wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

Since your help desk software’s primary function is to act as a help desk, it’s only natural that the additional functions wouldn’t be as robust. Though it may not seem like a big deal being able to customize the look and feel of a form makes a difference in whether or not someone fills it out. According to experts, a well-designed form performs better than a less attractive form.

Along with being able to customize the aesthetic of the form you can also customize when, and how, the form is sent out to a customer. Experian found that open and click rates are lowest in the morning. So, being able to control the timing of your form is very important.

csat surveyBetter Insights

As we mentioned above, better customization is one reason a dedicated tool may be a better investment over an add-on feature to another tool. Another aspect of customization comes in the form of better insights.

When you’re able to customize you can get more granular with your data. For less specialized tools, analytics are usually not as robust, so you’re not able to get all the different insights you may otherwise. Almost 90% of data analysts’ time is spent cleaning up data, which can be a huge resource suck. Being able to make custom dashboards or cross-reference and segment based on different answers and demographics mean you have a better opportunity to get richer data.

Instead of only being able to see the large overview, you’ll be able to get closer to different groups. Having more detailed data means you can make changes in the places where it has the most impact. If you’re not able to get detailed with how you create reports you could end up spending a lot of time and energy that would be better used elsewhere.

csat surveyVersatility

When you’re using a tool that’s built into another program you can, typically, only use it in conjunction with that tool. So, if your CSAT survey is connected to your help desk, you can probably only use it to connect with customers coming through your help desk.

More and more we’re seeing customers contact us through a multitude of channels. Whether that be chat, social, or some other means you may still want to follow up with them and send them a CSAT. Having a dedicated tool allows you the flexibility to cover those other channels.

Along with covering some non-standard channels, you’re still able to cover all the usual places, too. Through integrations and automations you’ll be able to pair up your CSAT software with other tools you use on a daily basis. Maybe it’s your dedicated chat tool, or your online store. Being able to move outside the one platform makes getting more varied insights possible.

The last area of versatility to consider is that a dedicated survey tool will also offer other types of surveys you can use for your projects. We’ve been talking, primarily, about CSAT survey, but there are a couple of other types many organizations use like CES and NPS. The versatility of the tool not only extends to the types of survey offered but since it’s not tied to your help desk other teams in your company can utilize the tool for their projects, too.

csat surveyDedicated Support

If you’ve ever been to a steakhouse you know there’s a big difference between how they describe a ribeye and how they describe the chicken. First off, there may be multiple cuts of the ribeye, they’ll tell you how it was aged, how it’s prepared, and great pairings. For the chicken, well, they’ll let you know it is, in fact, chicken.

Really, it makes sense. They’re a steakhouse. It’s what they’re passionate about. They serve the chicken to appease those who are brought along to the steakhouse who may not share their enthusiasm for beef. The same is true with software. Their primary function is to what they’re passionate about and, also, is what they’re experts in.

Maybe you’re looking to find some best practices about CSAT survey, or you’re wanting to dive deeper into your analytics. When you’re interacting with a team whose primary focus is CSAT survey, they’ll be able to give you more complete answers because it’s their speciality. It’s not to say that your help desk provider’s staff couldn’t offer some guidance, but it’s not what they spend each day focused on. So, it’s only natural that their knowledge would be more limited.

Having high-level support not only makes achieving the functions you want easier, but they may also be able to offer suggestions you hadn’t thought of yet. Being able to interact with an expert is a huge plus of a dedicated tool.


Being able to cover all your bases with one tool is very attractive. Depending on your needs, that may even be the best option for you. However, if you’re looking to get more in-depth and really take advantage of the information you’re collecting, you’ll probably want to invest in a dedicated tool.

The cost comes with some great benefits like being able to further customize your form to meet your needs and other things like matching your design aesthetic. Being able to get more granular with analytics means you’ll be able to better understand your data and the customers who submitted it.

Having that dedicated tool can benefit multiple teams. With a CSAT survey solution built into your help desk, only your support team can really use it, and only in that setting. A dedicated tool is more versatile, meaning you can share surveys in more places and allow other teams access. Last, dedicated support means you get higher-quality answers to your questions and maybe even some ideas you hadn’t thought of yet.

All of these items add up to you being able to do more with your time and efforts. We know you expect the best from your team, so why not expect the best from your tools, too?

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Jesse has been a support agent for five years. Currently, he’s a Remote Customer Support Advocate at Typeform. When not writing articles, or supporting customers, he writes pop songs with the hopes of getting on a Kidz Bop album, one day.

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