Highlighting the Importance of Canned Responses for Customer, Agent and Company

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“Perfect canned responses shouldn’t sound canned at all”

In today’s world of continually changing trends in customer support, “Canned responses” are basically pre-programmed customer support messages that allow CS agents to respond quickly to the customer with issues. A well-designed booklet of responsive canned messages enhances team’s productivity. Also, it ensures that the team efficiently handles all the possible queries within less time.

Below are some of the most common canned messages that you will get in almost every customer service response:

  • Hi {customer_name}, how may I help you?
  • We have received your request, and we’re working on it.
  • We are still working on your request.
  • Congratulations, your case has been resolved.
  • How much are you happy with our services?
  • Have you satisfied with our customer support?
  • Dear customer, we need more information to proceed with your request.

If you have already read the above responses, you may recall the times you have received those messages.

Let us tell you a secret, “A perfect canned response shouldn’t sound canned at all”. It has to be tailored to give your customers the best experience possible.  It is the ultimate objective of a canned response after all.

canned responsesProven Statistics

Proven statistics give us the actual reason why canned messages, responsive system, or live chats have to do more with the long-term automation of chat systems and chatbots.

The reason is, 51% of customers’ need businesses to be available 24/7, while 42% of customers don’t prefer to be kept on hold during a call.

Furthermore, 44% of online customers say, that in person, response during an online purchase is an essential feature for every online selling agency. Thanks to amazingly designed canned message systems, 92% of the customers feel satisfied after using canned messaging features on live chats.

Also, 51% of customers prefer canned conversations because of their multitasking feature. Another 21% of the customers prefer it because it’s convenient for them to chat while shopping online.

canned responsesBenefits at CS Level:

Save Your Time

They say “Time is money” and no one can deny the value of time especially when you are dealing with dozens of customer every day.

Customer service representatives are dealing with numerous complains daily. Canned responses have solved these problems by resolving minor issues of clients’ on hand, and filtering attention required the severe matter to be conveyed to the relevant departmental officers.

No agency is unaware of the time and cost of rewriting and proofreading emails again and again. Many people get a considerable amount of emails daily, which takes up to 28% of their time according to the study, which can prevent them from doing more productive jobs.

Help Reducing Typos

Imagine your representative is dealing with an outstanding customer and he/she makes a typo during a chat that gives your customer an un-delightful impression of your services. No company can afford to lose a potential customer because of a silly typing mistake.

Canned responses have taken up the responsibility very seriously by eliminating typos and ensuring a perfectly written content is delivered to every customer.

There are several helpful tools like Crowd Writers  ,which are available online with easy to use a feature, to make sure you end up to a phrase of spoken heart. This makes them feel valued and adds authenticity to the company’s worth as well.

Let you respond to Multiple Users

As we mentioned earlier, saving time is an essential element when it comes to dealing with a massive number of clients.

Pre-designed and programmed responses enable you to respond to multiple users handily. It also gives you room to take your time while inquiring about a customer’s query without another feeling under-responded and reduce both clients waiting time, dealing parallel.

canned responsesAssistance for Customer:

Receives Quick Responses

No sense can be compared to the pleasure of receiving a quick response from your service provider.

Customers nowadays don’t like to be in the line of waiting on phone calls from customer service just to get their little problems listened and responded. The industry has got accelerated so that the customers. They want everything on their fingertips and why not, canned messaging systems are a dream come true to them in the form of handy replies and tested solutions.

Gains Complete Knowledge

Thanks to the blessings of artificial intelligence, we can now rely on robots for most of the work that was believed to be done by humans only.

It’s a one-time headache to feed your system with aggregate information along with mistake-free content and proper response system to every type of expected query. Then you can just sit back and relax. The system will do the rest and will save the energy of clients to go reckless for correct information and reduces employee’s stress to search for the right door to knock.

For writing a polished content that your customer likes; you can use popular tools like, Grammarly, AcademistHelp, and Drafty to make sure you deliver the perfect answer even for an imperfect question.

canned responses
The Advantage for Company:

The best thing about canned responses is, they make your clients satisfied with to the point responses and in time solutions.

These factors can ultimately lead your clients to be your advocate in the future. Companies invest a fortune for marketing campaigns just to retain their clients; this is the most inexpensive way to invest in maintaining and professionally attracting new clients.

Moreover, it also saves your client’s time. People hate to read long emails to get to their point of interest. Canned responses are an ideal choice to save their and company’s time and let both of them invest the clock into something more productive.

Delivering Correct Information

As mentioned above, artificial intelligence has come so far in helping workforce productively. Programmed responsive systems have a beauty of conveying information smart, real and updated to every customer every time.

There are zero chances of an error when it comes to delivering data to the one in need.

Increased Conversion Rate

When you are successful in satisfying a potential buyer with all your knowledge and expertise, potential customer will convert into your regular customer.

Hence, by using the technology beyond user experience; you can have higher conversion rates in your sales pitch. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to convince your investors and stakeholder with proven statements and accurate figures as a backup.


Online communication is changing lives, and more people prefer text communication over phone communication.

This number is increasing exponentially because, in customer care services, phones are mostly associated with a long waiting time.

Also, the primary reason people prefer live chat is that they can continue shopping without spending extra time on inquiring about the product.

Nowadays, it is reasonable to get emails from sellers in a matter of seconds. So from a business perspective, it makes sense to cater to that sort of communication. Canned messaging systems have proven themselves to be the best way for that.

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