Improve Customer Experience using Natural Language Processing with Summatti [Podcast]

Craig Stoss Craig Stoss · 2 min read

Using Natural Language Processing, Sid believes that you can activate that idle data and generate improvements across your organization.

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Support Data is a very underutilized resource. Every day your support team interacts with customers who provide loads of small pieces of feedback about your product, services, and competitors. Unfortunately, today it is likely that most of those valuable comments sit idle in your ticket management system. As leaders, we ask our support agents to categorize, tag, document or attempt to notice trends in this data as accurately as they can. At best, these practices are inconsistent, and at worst, the results are not empirically compared to the bigger picture wasting time and energy on the wrong projects.

Sid Bhambhani, Co-founder and CEO of Summatti, took his passion for customer support and used it to tackle this problem. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Sid believes that you can activate that idle data and generate improvements across your organization.

In Conversation with Sid Bhambhani, Co-founder and CEO of Summatti

NLP tools can connect into all of your support channels and listen for signals that will more accurately categorize tickets, summarize trends, and provide insights that can be used cross-functionally to drive meaningful change. These recommendations span your products, your marketing, and all of your services across the entire customer journey.

Sid shares with us how these insights get Support a seat at the table to help shape the Customer Experience. He explains how these tools, in real-time, assess the entire picture from every channel, from the moment the ticket is open, understanding the customer needs, their sentiment as you iterate, and categorizing survey feedback post-interaction. Using tangible examples, we talk about the importance of using your data, and how NLP can enable you to enhance your Customer Experience.

Please join our chat as we explore the positive impact Natural Language Processing can have on your organization.

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Craig Stoss Craig Stoss

Craig has spent time in more than 30 countries working with support, development, and professional services teams building insight into Customer Experience and engagement. He is driven by building strong, effective support and services teams and ensuring his customers are successful. In his spare time Craig leads a local Support Thought Leadership group. He can be found on Twitter @StossInSupport

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