Achieving Success in Customer Satisfaction with The Neat Company

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“Nicereply has helped us improve our customer satisfaction and quality of service overall, by allowing us to get customer feedback in real time.”

Neat focuses exclusively on developing powerful yet cost effective tools for small businesses that help with expense management, automated bookkeeping and document organization. They proudly support over 100,000 small businesses throughout North America and continue to grow and expand.

Neat eliminates manual bookkeeping tasks. Whether it be by scanning, mobile capture, email or drag and drop, Neat automates the capture, extraction, categorization and storage a small business’s most important transactional data and financial documents.

Neat allows you to collaborate online with your accountant to prepare for tax audits, file taxes, run expense reports and gain insights and intelligence into the health of your business, all within a bank-level secure cloud environment accessible across all devices.


Before using Nicereply people at Neat Company weren’t effectively tracking their customer feedback. “While Neat was making big changes to our business strategies, we put a focus on customer feedback to ensure our customers were satisfied with the changes. After researching different CSAT platforms, we decided to move forward with Nicereply because of its ease of use and ability to integrate with our CRM.”


“Not only did Nicereply help us through our company transition, Nicereply has helped us improve our customer satisfaction and quality of service overall, by allowing us to get customer feedback in real time.”

Neat company integrated Nicereply into their CRM system Salesforce. This allows everyone in the company to get a comprehensive understanding of each customer and their history. “We send out a CSAT survey to our customers after every interaction. We monitor incoming reviews throughout the day to provide real time feedback to our team and ensure customer satisfaction. We also use Nicereply to incentivize our agents.”

People at Neat Company state that customer feedback is key to understanding loyalty and business improvement. “Customer feedback is an important metric we use to help manage our business. It is an indicator of customer loyalty and helps us identify opportunities for improvement.”

What they appreciate the most about Nicereply is it’s ability to integrate directly into company’s help desk system. “Nicereply allows us to customize the surveys we send out. They give you real time feedback and scores it in a way that is easy to read, track, and prioritize. Most importantly, we integrated Nicereply with our CRM, all customer feedback and interactions are stored together under one application making it even easier to understand and help our customers.”

The Neat Company’s Culture

When asked how do they stay up to date on trends Neat Company answered: “We are constantly evaluating new tools and technologies to see if they can apply to help us and/or serve the customer better.”

When it comes to motivation they use positive customer feedback as a motivation. “We have incentivized our support team using Nicereply data. For every positive score received, the agent who directly impacted that score gets a small incentive. This has motivated our team to strive to provide our customers with upstanding support and service.”

To achieve success in customer satisfaction Neat Company points out two main areas:

  1. Communication. “As with every type of relationship, communication is key to success. Communication both internally and externally is crucial. Internal communication helps to build an effective team and boost morale. External communication ensures transparency and helps to build trust in your brand.”
  2. Customer feedback management. “Define a process for managing customer feedback, like how you are going to track customer feedback and how and when you are going to respond to customer feedback.”

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