Empowering Customers to Fulfill Their Dreams of Traveling With AirTreks

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“We don’t measure customer feedback to achieve a score or be “in the green,” we measure customer feedback to help cultivate meaningful relationships.”

AirTreks is a company of travel experts. For the past 30 years, they have provided airfare and world class 24/7 service to over 100,000 people. “We are passionate about exceeding expectations and empowering people to experience their dreams of traveling the world. We believe that travel is vital, and a powerful way to connect to global communities. Ultimately, we know that travel is transformational.”

“Our 50 person company currently lives, works, and travels all over the world. The AirTreks Travel Planners utilize their around the world travel experience to work 1-on-1 with travelers, offering expert advice to maximize value and bring dream trips to life.”

Their 5 core values are:

  1. Love Learning
    They believe in lifelong learning, embracing personal and organizational development.
  2. Work and Play with Passion
    Their product is our lifestyle. They live and breathe travel and bring that passion to their work.
  3. Own Your Experience
    People at Airtreks prioritize self-awareness, and are committed to defining their unique journeys.
  4. Embrace Change
    They see change as an opportunity to grow and to re-create their lives with purpose.
  5. Make Meaningful Connections
    They strive to build real, deep relationships with people and communities all over the world.


“Before we decided to purchase Nicereply, we didn’t have a good way to get specific, timely feedback from customers that could be immediately actioned.”

The only survey people at Airtreks were using was NPS, and the data they received from NPS was updated in a dashboard once a month. “To make matters worse, only one or two people were reviewing the scores and reporting trends, so our customer facing colleagues weren’t reading feedback from actual travelers. At that time we were hiring and training new support and sales colleagues, as well as working on a new customer journey and app, so every piece of feedback mattered.”


“Nicereply has provided us with three unique metrics for customer happiness – each one providing different information that gives us a glimpse into aspects of our customer journey.” Airtreks saved an immense amount of time calculating scores and manually creating a dashboard.

“The best part is, we have a company Slack channel in which our Nicereply feedback is automatically shared, and our whole company is reading it!” They also discuss the feedback in weekly team meetings and set ambitious goals for each score. Together they celebrate the successes, and brainstorm on ways to improve.

“Nicereply helps us keep our focus on our customers, not our daily to-do lists.”

Airtreks uses Nicereply to measure 3 metrics: NPS, CSAT, and CES.

Their NPS survey is divided according to their two sales teams, B2B and B2C, and is sent at 3 different points in the customer journey. “The first NPS survey is sent out when a traveler purchases tickets, the second one is sent out if they are not able to travel or decide not to purchase tickets with us, and the third one is sent out when they return from their trip.”

“We love our Front/Nicereply integration, and it’s one of the main factors in choosing Nicereply.” Every time one of their agents sends an email, their signature contains “How nice was my reply?” with smiley face ratings. This allows Airtreks to get instant feedback on responses they’re sending, as well as identify trends.

“Our CES (Customer Effort Score) email goes out after a customer service thread is resolved. We ask how easy it was for the customer to get their issue resolved. Our customer service team looks at this number daily to see whether or not they’re on track with their goal of 6 or higher.”

“We build life-changing trips by understanding each customer’s unique reasons for traveling, their airfare preferences, and their dream destinations. These customers become friends, and tell their own family and friends about us.”

“We don’t measure customer feedback to achieve a score or be “in the green,” we measure customer feedback to help cultivate meaningful relationships.” Through Nicereply feedback, focus groups, and one-on-one conversations, their travelers help Airtreks shape the future of their business. By involving this customer data in day to day conversations across all departments, they know that they’re delivering a product that meets a specific need in the travel industry.

“We take every chance we get to listen to our customers, so we can make sure that we’re addressing their evolving needs and providing a peerless level of service.”

Airtreks chose Nicereply over other companies for a few reasons. “First, Nicereply integrates seamlessly with FrontApp, which we use for all email and text conversions with clients. Because our team works from all over the world, we use a shared inbox for all client communication to ensure fast and efficient responses.”

The second reason was the ease of set up and customization. “Secondly, we loved how easy it was to set up and customize to our specific needs. We could choose when and how feedback was gathered, and adjust the wording to fit our brand.”

The third factor was ability to analyse and act on feedback and results. “Nicereply’s analytics and the ability to see scores for particular agents and sales was another game-changer for our operation. We could quickly identify the all stars, as well as the situations in which more training might be needed. When you can easily monitor and respond to any negative feedback within an hour, it builds loyalty and trust.”

Airtreks’ Corporate Culture

People at Airtreks continuously analyze customer feedback and look for spots to improve.

“Customer feedback is automatically posted to Slack for our team to review, which opens discussions about the ways that we can better serve our customers. This way, our team can keep an eye on important customer feedback every single day. Collectively as a team we make it a routine to listen to our customers, iterate, and taking steps towards improving our business.”

“Our support is motivated by the type of problems we solve, and the feedback we hear from our customers when we are able to find the best solution that fits their particular needs. The airfare industry is increasingly complicated – we are lucky to have found some of the most driven and talented industry experts whose passion in life is solving complex problems.”

Airtreks employees see the biggest potential to grow their business in analysing feedback on regular basis. “The feedback is only as useful as you make it. If you’re collecting a huge amount of data but not taking the time to review it, it won’t impact your business.

Our biggest three prices of advice are to review the feedback daily, respond in a timely manner, and bring trends to weekly and quarterly meetings for discussions.”

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