Live Chat Knowledge Base: An Ingredient to Improve Your Customer Service

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Do you know 70% of customers have already decided to support a company that delivers great customer service?

Every brand aspires to create an impact in its customers’ lives. The first step is always to value your customers’ time and preferences. To share valuable experiences with customers, you need to keep track of their journeys and take strategic measures to solve their problems, even before they speak of them. In this article, you will learn how to improve customer service thanks to live chat knowledge base.

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All the time can be highly challenging. Plus, customers today do not like to wait and expect solutions at the click of a button. In an age of digital-first experiences, brands need to upgrade their customer experience strategy and leverage technology to meet the rising customer expectations.

Live chat is a web-based communication channel that business organizations use to communicate with their customers in real-time through messaging. More than 75% of companies have witnessed increased customer loyalty, sales, and revenue after implementing live chat.

Although live chat is a great tool for customers to reach out to your support agents in real-time, you should know how to make the most of this software. The primary purpose of live chat is to improve customer experiences, and it alone cannot achieve that.

You need to supplement your live chat channel with a centralized knowledge base to make knowledge readily available and accessible to your support agents and customers.

How Does Live Chat Knowledge Base Can Benefit Your Business?

1. Increase in customer satisfaction

Customers use live chat when they are looking for instant answers. With a Knowledge base integrated with your live chat support channel, your agents can quickly type keywords related to the customer problem and get instant access to the information.

However, there are also times when customers come up with complex queries that are difficult to resolve with articles and FAQs alone. The AI-powered knowledge base system can boost live chat efficiency by guiding your agents with workflows to support customers throughout their journey.

Agents can also help customers with picture guides for technical issues that customers cannot resolve with voice or text support alone. A centralized Knowledge base makes knowledge uniform and consistent throughout the organization.

A customer using live chat support would receive the same information over a phone call, email, or any other channel. Therefore, a live chat knowledge base provides instant response to customers and ensures that the quality of support they receive is consistent across all channels, increasing customers’ satisfaction with your brand.

2. Boosts Employee productivity

As customers expect instant and seamless experiences, your agents are pressed against time to respond to multiple queries simultaneously. A live chat knowledge base boosts employee productivity in two significant ways. Firstly, a consolidated knowledge base improves the searchability and findability of information.

An AI-backed Knowledge base increases the findability of information multifold where agents can search within the documents and access the relevant information instead of going through the whole document. This helps agents resolve more tickets in less time.

Secondly, quick and ready access to the knowledge base reduces the time and cost needed to train new agents. Knowledge base acts as a self-learning tool for upskilling agents to handle multiple tasks.

3. Minimizes operational costs

An experienced live chat agent can handle 4-6 chats simultaneously. Live chat support costs less than phone calls and yields better results. Knowledge base integration minimizes operational costs with call center scripts helping agents to resolve more tickets in a short period.

Besides getting more done, a Knowledge base integration will streamline the customer support services of your organization.

Fast-paced business organizations need customer support representatives who can learn quickly and adapt faster. A live chat knowledge base is cost-effective as it significantly reduces agent training costs and guides their actions with relevant and updated knowledge at all times.

4. Improves Customer engagement

Live chat gives access to customer data that can help you monitor their journeys and improve engagement with them. Your support agents can take insights from customer behaviors and manually initiate a conversation with your existing customers, potential customers, and even casual visitors on your site.

Your agents can utilize ready access to Knowledge base articles and FAQs to share relevant content with customers. While completing a purchase on your website, a customer significantly benefits from additional information related to delivery services and return policy that your agent can proactively share through the chatbox.

Thus, personalizing experiences through a live chat knowledge base can help your business increase sales and improve customer engagement with your brand.

5. Increases ASAT (Agent satisfaction)

Your agents’ satisfaction goes a long way in determining customers’ satisfaction with your brand. Live chat and Knowledge base integration help your agents with well-designed call center scripts to troubleshoot customer queries faster.

Agent scripts eliminate the need for your agents to rely on their memory or seek experts’ guidance, minimizing chances of human error. They can adhere to your company’s SOPs and meet customers’ expectations, leading to higher job satisfaction.

Knowledge base articles and FAQs help agents deflect support tickets to self-help portals. Ticket deflection for primary customer queries empowers customers to help themselves and gives more time to agents for complex challenges. Therefore, a Live chat knowledge base takes cognizance of employees’ needs and increases agent satisfaction.

6. Expands brand reach

Over 60% of customers will revisit a website that offers live chat support. The key is to leverage the full potential of live chat support to provide value to customers when they visit your website.

An integrated live chat Knowledge base helps you reach your target audience and customize their experiences. A seemingly simple chatbox appearing on your website assures customers that your brand is available for them throughout their journey.

Live chat software is more than a communication tool today. It is an excellent means to consolidate customer data. You can expand your brand reach by sharing relevant content to customers from knowledge base integrated systems and building upon customer information to generate quality leads for your business.

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Live chat support is a great customer service tool that promises instant and personalized customer support services. However, it can only maximize benefits for businesses when integrated with Knowledge Management features.

A centralized knowledge base facilitates live chat support to increase employee productivity, improve customer and agent satisfaction, and expand brand reach. A live chat Knowledge base to interact with customers can maximize customer engagement with your business and streamline customer support services while minimizing operational costs.

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