How to Create Engaging Customer Service Videos for Your Business

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Video is one of the most engaging, accessible, and eye-catching ways of promoting and successfully marketing a business nowadays.

The rise in video use by so many brands has demonstrated the tremendous value that this type of marketing can bring to a company. Video marketing is helpful at every stage of a marketing funnel – from attracting initial leads at the first instance to closing a sale and converting at the other end.

One area of video marketing that is especially helpful to customers is customer service videos. After a customer has bought your product or service, customer service videos provide them with extra help and support long after the sale has been completed.

Going the extra mile in your customer service output makes existing customers loyal to your brand because they find it easy to use your product. Aside from building product loyalty, customer service videos can also convert new customers as they can see your product in action.

This article will show you how your business can create fantastic customer service videos, leading to satisfied client relationships that build on the foundations of good sales figures, thus springboarding your brand to the next level.

Let’s get started.

Identify common issues

Once a customer buys a product, there is always a chance to identify an issue. This concept is true for almost any product, like clothing, software, furniture, or practically anything a consumer has bought.

Therefore, as a business, you need to produce customer service videos that address the issue of common problems that customers may discover with your product.

Often, your customer videos may prevent a common issue from occurring in the first place, thanks to the knowledge they impart to the customer. Simple explainer videos can take the customer step-by-step with their new purchase to avoid potential problems.

For example, IKEA is renowned for its flat-pack furniture that customers must self-assemble at home after purchase. IKEA‘s products always come with an instruction manual to aid the assembly process, but this type of assistance may not suit all customers.

Some people are visual learners and benefit from a “how to” video rather than written instructions.

So, Ikea released a seven-part YouTube video series in 2020 on how to install one of their kitchens, making life easier for thousands of customers who are unable to follow the instructions in the manual.

nicereply customer service videos

With 263,000 subscribers, IKEA has a strong YouTube following, demonstrating their customers’ appetite for informative videos to solve common assembly issues.

Consider doing the same with your business, helping with the overall process of guiding customers successfully through your digital marketing funnel.

Update the information in your videos regularly

There’s nothing more annoying than a video that promises to solve your issues or deliver the answers you need, only for it to be years out of date. Updating videos is essential from a customer-centric point of view and for your website’s SEO.

You should already know how important it is to update written website content, and the same process applies to videos.

For the customer’s benefit (and to further expand your general high-level of customer experience, as your products change and evolve, so should your customer service video content reflect this.

It would help if you involve every relevant part of your business while writing video scripts and planning out video content in advance. For instructional videos, make sure you consult the product design team.

For troubleshooting videos dealing with software issues, consult your tech team and web designing team, and so forth. This way, everyone is kept on the same page, making it easier to keep track of your products’ ever-changing nature and the customer support videos that go with them.

Write a simple script

You wouldn’t launch straight into a written article, blog, or chapter of a book you’re writing without planning, would you? The same principle applies to customer service videos – you need to create a script that will serve as the backbone of your content.

The script needs to be relatively free of jargon that’s inaccessible to the general public. Just like how copywriters deliberately use casual, concise, and straightforward language to ensure mass appeal and understanding of their words, the same applies here to video scripts.

You may need to identify your brand voice if you haven’t already done so. Your brand voice dictates how you address your customers and position yourself within a crowded marketplace.

We can split brand voices into four main types:

  • passionate,
  • quirky,
  • irreverent,
  • authentic.
nicereply customer service videos


Once you are confident which one suits your brand the best, incorporate that style into your video scripts and stick to it, ensuring a consistent tone of voice across all of your customer service video content.

But above all, remember the golden rule – if in doubt, keep it simple. Simple words resonate with everyone, whereas complicated phrases only speak to a small segment of your target audience.

Don’t alienate your audience by overcomplicating things.

Add audio and subtitles

The quality of your audio will reflect the amount of work you put into your content. If you cannot afford a dedicated voiceover talent, try to record with an external microphone in a noise-free environment.

You may also add background music. The music should match the mood you’re trying to create. There are entire libraries of royalty-free audio available, so it should be easy to find something for your video.

In addition, the accessibility of your video content will skyrocket if you add subtitles and captions to your content. According to one study, mobile views comprise 65% of all video views. Many of your potential viewers are likely to watch your videos in public and would rather read a subtitle than turn the volume up just to hear your message.

Captions and subtitles aid viewers’ memories and help them understand the overall content of the video much better. They also help people with hearing impairments and those who understand written English better than spoken English.

These little touches all add up to a satisfying customer experience.

Display the video on your landing page

Your landing page is the best place you can put your video to ensure excellent exposure and engagement with your brand. According to Wistia, the average landing page conversion rate across all sectors is between 3% and 5.5%. This doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a good starting point.

Adding customer service videos to your landing page is a catchy way of generating interest in your brand and products. Videos on your landing page can deliver a quick message and result in increased conversion rates. They let you communicate your message without forcing website visitors to read a wall of text.

When creating your video for this section of your website, use a good thumbnail – it needs to grab attention fast. Otherwise, customers won’t bother to watch.

See how Shopify uses an engaging thumbnail on its landing page below.

nicereply customer service videos

Also, don’t forget to utilize all of your video editing techniques to iron out any issues with your filming content. These techniques include learning how to reduce video size, optimizing the video for viewing, and keeping it short (ideally under 90 seconds).

In Closing

Introducing a successful customer service video strategy into your overall business marketing plan requires careful planning and research, but the benefits are well worth the effort. Visual content is engaging and attractive to both existing and potential customers. You can also use video content to turn your brand into an industry thought leader.

When you follow the tips I just discussed, you’ll soon start delivering an extraordinary level of customer service that transforms the outreach of your business, keeping loyal customers happy and taking your brand to the next level.

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Matt Diggity is a search engine optimization expert and the founder and CEO of Diggity Marketing, The Search Initiative, Authority Builders, and LeadSpring LLC. He is also the host of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

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