How to Interact With Customers on Your Facebook Business Page

Eva Wislow Eva Wislow · 4 min read

You may leverage your Facebook business page in numerous ways. Engaging with your customers, directly and indirectly, should be one of your priorities.

Customer interaction is surely an essential aspect that every business – no matter of its type and size – must pay close attention to. The reason is simple: if you want to build a strong brand anytime soon, you must interact with your followers.

As Pamella Reeves, Marketing Manager at CareersBooster brilliantly illustrates:

“The difference between a brand and a simple business is that the brand puts more time, money, and attention in developing relationships with its customers. The simple business? Mostly based on transactions rather than rapport, trust, and long-term engagement.”

In today’s post, I’m sharing some insights on how to fight for your customers’ trust, attention, and loyalty. Pay attention and apply!

1. Always be Fair

Number one rule: be fair to your customers. Treat them like you treat yourself, your mother, or your spouse (I hope you’re treating them right).

Here’s my point: your customers are emotional beings just like you, me, and all others. If you forget this point while making decisions, while publishing content, or while communicating with your followers in public or private way, the outcomes that will result out of your actions will not lead to prosperity. You got to build an emotional connection, and for that, you need to be fair.

Simply put, if you’re always fair, you shouldn’t have any trouble in the long term. Do your best, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal, and don’t manipulate. Basically, take what every traditional organized religion says and follow it in a strict sense of “customer treatment”.

Treat your customers like that on Facebook, on your website, and really everywhere you meet them, and they will fall in love with your brand.

2. Respond to All Inquiries

Show that you care about your customer’s problems by responding to all the inquiries that your customers have addressed on your Facebook business page.

Most customers are either curious, they have problems, or they have certain needs. Customer service is all about fixing your customer’s needs, problems, wants, and inquiries.Facebook business page

If you take your customer service on Facebook, you’ll save time, money, and energy, because most people will check the Facebook business page before contacting you by email. If you even point them that way, all your customers will know where to head to when they run into issues.

3. Ensure That You Explain Everything That is Needed

Responding to your followers’ and customer’s comments is one thing and explaining everything that is needed is another. Please understand the difference.

Before you answer a comment on your Facebook business page, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my reply true? Does it require proof such as study links, statistics, or facts?
  • Is the information I left in the comment complete?
  • Can I add other relevant links that will solve my customer’s problem better?

4. Resolve All Complaints and Never Ignore Your Customers

Unhappy customers aren’t much of a big issue if you “take care” of them properly. Obviously, Facebook is a place where everybody can hang around. That includes your biggest enemies or your biggest haters, and they’re the people who will do their best to bring your business down.

They might be your competitors, frustrated individuals, or people who have a real reason for being upset.

If you did something wrong, if your products arrived in your customer’s pockets not as presented, and if anything went wrong because of you, it’s time to say “sorry” and to make “justice” by rewarding the customer who had to suffer because of you.

If the comments are unjustified, answer only with truth and let it be. Don’t focus too much on it.

Most importantly, DO NOT do the mistake of ignoring any negative comment/complaint that’s placed on your Facebook business page.facebook business page

Your customers want to see what happens – leave that reply and tell them what happened. Otherwise, they’ll assume that you’re just hiding, and you’ll lose their faith and trust sooner than you think.

Bottom point: resolve all complaints and never ignore your annoyed customers. If you do, you risk damaging your business more than improving it!

5. Give Extra Value

How about some free extra value? Are you “altruistic” enough to do that? Are you willing to take your chances and see how things work if you make your work a little better just for the sake of your customers? For the will to bestow?

Here’s what I talk about extra value, and here’s how it all works- a hypothetical example in which you are the customer instead of the business owner: 

You’re in a local market where small businessmen sell their flowers to tourists on a daily basis, and you’re looking for some beautiful roses. There are 4 shops that sell roses yet only one is offering their free quality design bouquet packaging.

Question…which business do you choose? It’d be foolish not to choose the service that stood out of the box and here’s why: when you’re on the street, looking for flowers, the first thing you want to do is get those flowers. However, you also want to get the BEST flowers, so your present will be even better.

The business that takes the time and effort to help you just a little more than you expect will win your heart. That is the power of branding. Leverage it or you’ll never stand a chance in front of the competitors who take the time to build proper relationships with your former customers.

Explore my example, carefully filter my deeper-advice message, and apply it starting from now.

Now back to your Facebook business page, you should definitely follow this “extra value” rule every time you communicate with your customers on your page, group, or anywhere publicly.

Give them an extra sentence, an extra explanation, and an extra link. Give them more than they expect, and they’ll keep coming back, satisfied, over and over again!

Facebook business page


If you want a prosperous business performance, you must treat your customers wisely. Nowadays, most people have a “Facebook identity” so meeting your customers there would be the wisest, smartest, and most effective choices that you make.

Start following these simple practices and you will witness success!

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Eva Wislow Eva Wislow

Eva is a career coach and entrepreneur from Pittsburgh. She is focusing on helping people break down their limits, find a dream job and achieve career success. She finds her inspiration in writing and peace of mind through yoga. Follow Eva on Twitter.

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