How Customer Feedback Helps Cooleaf Grow Better and Better

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Nicereply is so easy to use and intuitive for our customers and our team as well. Having KPIs attached to customer satisfaction helps our team elevate our approach with our clients.

Cooleaf is an employee recognition and engagement platform that keeps teams connected while building workplace culture and encouraging positive behaviors. They’re a team of about 20 people, consisting of full-time and contracted employees, distributed across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Cooleaf is based out of Atlanta and started back in 2016.

“Inherent of our own company’s mission, we’re a people-first culture that celebrates Authenticity, Constant Learning & Growth, and Always Wowing the Customer. We also encourage team members to take ownership of projects or issues by celebrating a Founder Mentality and Perseverance & Grit. To bring these core values to life, we utilize our own platform to issue recognitions or shoutouts when we see team members really owning it.”

Their goal is to help teams improve their collaboration, motivation, and workplace happiness through a modern platform with incentives, recognitions, rewards, and activities.


“We utilize the customer communication app, Front, to organize customer inquiries and stay on top of reply times. As a B2B SaaS company that works with organizations to provide employee programming, recognition incentives, and rewards, our Customer Success team fields a range of inquiries. This can be anywhere from helping an HR manager set up a health and wellness activity like a step challenge or tracking a reward an employee redeemed on the platform. On top of that, each company we work with has their own needs and nuances that need to be tracked while providing a personalized experience each time.”

People at Cooleaf wanted to find a tool that enabled them to maintain high-level of customer satisfaction & gather valuable customer feedback. “With so much to balance, we wanted to make sure that we maintained customer satisfaction, handling each inquiry with individual care, empathy, and patience while keeping up with our inbox. But we also understood that as an evolving SaaS company, every interaction with a customer was an opportunity for feedback on our service or the product itself.”


After some research, the Customer Success and Support team at Cooleaf chose to utilize Nicereply, which integrated with Front and allowed them to seamlessly add the in-signature survey at the bottom of each email. “We review our Nicereply scores every week during the team call and make sure to celebrate wins on the Support side. And over the month, we look at our average score to ensure we’re upholding a positive experience for our customers. Nicereply is so easy to use and intuitive for our customers and our team as well. Having KPIs attached to customer satisfaction helps our team elevate our approach with our clients.”

People at Cooleaf appreciate Nicereply’s ease of use, customization options & its ability to provide insights into customers’ feelings about each interaction with their team. “Nicereply is very friendly to use for our team and customers. The dashboard is straightforward and easily allows us to customize date ranges so we can track progress or compare quarters. It was also easy to incorporate into our email exchanges with customers, who intuitively understood its purpose. More importantly, it enables us to automatically utilize each interaction with our customers as a learning opportunity, which is so important for an evolving SaaS platform and company.”

Sidenote: we love the Nicereply newsletter and content which is always inspiring and keeps us on top of timely workplace sentiment.”

Company culture

Team members at Cooleaf tend to share interesting ideas they see online or experience themselves. “And we enjoy newsletters and blogs with great, relevant content. Cooleaf also covers any additional courses or webinars team members might want to join to learn something new.”

“Customer is king. For an evolving SaaS company, the customer’s feedback helps us see how our product, service, or even messaging is interpreted by our audience. It alerts us to investigate and gather more context to a customer’s inquiry and allows us to pinpoint when anything from a UX/UI design element or even a help article needs revisiting. We bring these questions or notes back to our Customer Success and Dev team meetings every week.”

Overall, customer feedback helps Cooleaf grow better and better as a company and how they communicate updates too.

When asked about motivating their team, Cooleaf representatives responded: “We utilize our own Cooleaf platform built for recognitions and incentivized rewards to make sure the team at large can see the wins and hard work Support puts in for certain cases or projects. We also celebrated Customer Service Week with treats and even video shoutouts from our distributed team so we could all personalize and show our appreciation!”

If you want to be successful in supporting your customers & providing excellent customer service, Cooleaf would advise focusing on one area – empathy. “Have empathy for the user first and foremost. You can turn a situation around by showing you’re listening. And you can always get a customer on your side by walking them through a process and sharing more information or education on their issue or inquiry.

Nurture individual team members’ strengths. You want to empower and encourage each person to bring their own ideas to level up a process or innovative solutions to issues. Be open about communication and more importantly, celebrate the wins and hardwork.”

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