Benefits of Measuring Three Satisfaction Metrics with Blueberry Markets

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“By measuring customer feedback, we gain solid data on how we are doing and where we can improve.”

blueberry markets

Blueberry Markets is a global forex broker headquartered in Sydney, Australia with operations teams based in the Philippines and India. They provide platforms for trading currencies, commodities, share CFDs, and cryptos. Their goal is to become the go-to partner of beginner traders who wish to earn from the markets, as well as advanced traders looking for a reliable broker.


People at Blueberry Markets started with a third-party customer support service, and they noticed that there wasn’t much data about customer feedback. “It wasn’t until a year ago when we decided to bring customer support in-house, and decided from that point that we will gather feedback and measure customer satisfaction — because we can’t improve something that we can’t measure.”

blueberry marketsSolution

Nicereply helped Blueberry Markets solve this issue. “Nicereply solved the problem because we were able to gather data right from the first day we set it up. It is super simple, easy to use, and integrates easily with our support ticketing tool.”

People at Blueberry Markets are measuring all three satisfaction metrics – CSAT, CES & NPS. “NPS is one of the company’s critical numbers we track. With Nicereply, we were able to set up a funnel-like feedback system. Customers receive a CSAT survey first upon closure of their support ticket. If we get a DSAT, we reopen the case and give it a second look to see if there was anything that we missed and try to turn it around. Then, we monitor the change in their service experience by keeping an eye on CES and finally, the NPS survey that they will receive a few days later.”

Blueberry Market’s CEO Dean Hyde started the company in 2016. “He saw a huge gap in the industry where other providers had competitive spreads but appalling customer service, which often left traders frustrated. Excellent customer service became one of the primary pillars of our offering and we have never looked back.”

Now, on top of 24/7 phone support, they offer email support within 30 minutes or less and live chat support with less than five seconds response time. “We are very proud to be the only one to offer this level of service. But all of these are for nothing without understanding our clients’ needs and overall experience. By measuring customer feedback, we gain solid data on how we are doing and where we can improve.”

When asked why they chose Nicereply for tracking customer feedback they replied: “It is simple, easy-to-use, integrated with our support tool, and the pricing is fair.”

blueberry marketsCompany Culture

Blueberry Markets employees try to stay up to trends by consuming industry-related content. “We stay up to trends by reading news and articles mainly from blogs of customer support tools like Nicereply. We get tons of insights and pick the ones that are applicable to our team.”

They also try motivating their team members by creating great company culture & setting ambitious goals.

“We believe that “motivation” does not last. So while we do have nice incentive programs for our support team, we focus more on maintaining our company culture, making each team member feel valued and recognized. As well as setting targets which can sometimes seem impossible (like right now, we are aiming at 65 NPS when the average in our industry is only 46). With these difficult challenges, we set out specific action plans that scream teamwork, where each member is expected to contribute, therefore reminding them that they have a bigger why rather than just composing replies.”

If they could give one piece of advice to other support teams it would be: “Utilize and do not underestimate The Three Framework — People, Process, Technology, but give priority to the People part. If you have the right people, everything else will follow.”

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