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Removing friction points: How to provide an effortless experience

Make your customer’s life easier.

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By reading this ebook,
you will learn

  • 6 ways you could be making your customers’ lives very difficult.
  • 5 ways to reduce customer effort.
  • 4 pillars of low-effort customer experience.
  • A step-by-step guide with real examples.

More about this ebook

Customer experience can be frustrating for each of us since we have all been in the customer's shoes.

There are many such scenarios - when it seems to us that we are on the right way and our customer service agent was nice. But after a while, we are lost (again) and we have to contact support with even more questions.

In this brand-new ebook, you will learn how to foresee similar situations. That’s the first step to an effortless experience that your visitors are willing to repeat. Because what matters at the end of the day is always the emotions and experience our customer takes away.

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