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Customer Effort Score at your service

CES rating form & feed
Magnifying glass

Identify your weaknesses

Ask your customers and get valuable feedback on where and how to improve your customer experience.

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Follow up with unhappy customers

Act on negative feedback immediately and prevent the bad reputation from spreading or even a loss of a client.

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Reduce operational costs

Identify and avoid repeating unwanted contacts from customers by optimising inefficient customer service processes.

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Start with continuous improvement

Intense, constructive and specific feedback allows you to start with the process of long-term improvement.

“We pick companies because of their products, but we often leave them because of their service failures.”

The Effortless Experience Book
Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman, Rick Delisi
The Effortless Experience

How does it work?

  1. Nicereply monitors your help desk and sends CES survey to requestor of each closed ticket
  2. Your customers answer a simple question and add suggestion how to improve your services.
  3. Nicereply saves the customers’ feedback, updates your statistics.
  4. Nicereply pushes CES rating right to your help desk ticket with customers’ suggestions.

Join leaders in effortless experience

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