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Take full control of your surveys

Get deeper understanding of your customers

Don't stop at measuring Customer Satisfaction. Find out whether it's hard to be your customer with Customer Effort Score. See how loyal your customers are towards you and your products with Net Promoter Score.

Survey the right way

Benefit from multiple survey distribution methods. Need an example? You can measure Customer Satisfaction in the signature of every email you send, Customer Effort Score with a trigger after a ticket is closed and Net Promoter Score automatically 3 months after a purchase.

Mix and match distribution methods with surveys to fit your customers.

Choose what you want your customers to see

Personalize your survey, add additional questions or change the existing ones without any programming knowledge. Choose how detailed of an answer you want with different rating scales.

Service cloud integration

Get more feedback than ever before

Increase response rates

More responses mean more feedback. Customers who measure Customer Satisfaction in every email signature with Nicereply report 200% higher response rates than before.

Less emails

Instead of sending a Customer Satisfaction after a ticket is closed measure it in every email signature. Use that “email slot” for another survey to get more feedback without sending more emails.

You only pay for surveys that bring in results


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2,500 survey volume
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received ratings per month.
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10,000 survey volume
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25,000 survey volume
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