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When businesses search for the best provider, an excellent customer experience is now considered one of the most important factors. Collecting customer satisfaction insights when using phone support is crucial, but not always easy.

Thanks to the CloudTalk + Nicereply integration, you can do so via SMS right after any inbound or outbound call.

With all this data, you can truly understand what prospects and customers think of your customer support, which of your employees are the top performers and where there is room for improvement.

Erika Babat
Customer Support Team Lead at CloudTalk
Erika Babat
Erika Babat
Customer Support Team Lead at CloudTalk
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Shoes of Prey

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How the CloudTalk
Integration Works

Calling people

Help desk call

Your agent interacts with a caller via phone software CloudTalk.

Calling people

Survey sent via SMS

Integration enables you to send a survey via SMS right after you finish a call with any customer.

Scenarios usage in CloudTalk

Create workflows according to your needs

With Workflow Automations, you can easily automate survey distribution and specify the triggers, conditions and actions.

Rating preview

Feedback received

Nicereply collects customer feedback and records it in your Nicereply rating feed.

Measure metrics
you care about

Customize your surveys
to fit your needs

Picture frame

Add your logo

Add a logo to your survey, so customers can immediately recognize who’s contacting them.

Color palette

Choose your color scheme

Match your survey’s design to your brand for a more coherent experience.


Change the survey question

Ask your customers a question that makes sense in a given situation.

Choose your rating scale

Decide how many options will your customers have to answer. You can choose from:

  • 2 Thumb icons
  • 3 Face emojis
  • 5 Stars
  • 10 Stars

Add additional questions

Need more feedback? Ask multiple questions. For example "Was the solution helpful?" and "How satisfied were you with John’s response?" to look at the issue from different points of view.


Additional features


See and compare the performance of different agents and teams.

Advanced analytics

Drill down for more insights with analytics featuring leaderboards, histograms, trend charts, and more.

Mobile-ready surveys

It doesn’t matter what device your customers use. Our responsive surveys are designed to look great on any device.

Survey results management

We all make mistakes. Sometimes you get bad feedback by mistake. Sometimes you get hit by spambots. Nicereply allows you to edit and delete ratings to solve these problems.

Custom thank you page

Let your customers share their satisfaction on social media, or perform other desired actions. Direct customers towards a custom thank you page of your choosing.

Responses instantly pushed to a dedicated Slack or MS Teams channel

See customer feedback as soon as it arrives in your Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Rating feed

See your ratings with comments in real-time. All your feedback appears here listed chronologically, featuring details about the rated agent, customer and ticket.


Never miss a feedback. Receive email notifications about new feedback ratings as soon as they arrive. You can choose which feedback values to be notified about.

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