How Digital Adoption Platforms Contribute to Enhanced Customer Experience

Hazel Raoult Hazel Raoult · 4 min read

Brands that use digital adoption platforms can predict customers’ needs, wants, and best interests as they have access to rich data and useful apps.

Did you know that 70% of companies either already have a digital transformation strategy that they are implementing or have plans to implement it?

The reason why so many companies are leveraging digital adoption platforms is simply that the benefits of digital adoption are countless. As per executives, the main benefits of digital transformation is increased operational efficiency (40%), faster time to market (36%), and the ability to meet the needs of customers (35%).

In this article, we will be focusing mainly on how digital adoption platforms contribute to enhanced customer experience.  But before that, what makes an excellent digital adoption platform?

A good digital adoption platform is one that is adaptable and has a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide for the actions the user might take, such as changing a password or logging a sales lead.

Here’s a list of six ways of how digital adoption platforms contribute to enhanced customer experience.

Predicts customer’s needs and meet their expectations

Brands that use digital adoption platforms can predict customers’ needs, wants, and best interests as they have access to rich data and useful apps. By applying analytical feedback, your business can create a data-driven web design that will offer the best customer experience.

Digital adoption platforms can also interpret behavioral datasets to come up with actionable solutions using effective techniques.
For instance, many customers are making use of their mobile phones to research and buy products. So, you can identify whether your target audiences are also using mobile phones or desktops and then accordingly design mobile-friendly websites to increase sales opportunities.

When you implement a digitally-driven approach to designing your site, you will also be able to spot UX issues like slow loading speed or navigational error to improve user experience.

digital adoption platformsMake precise personalization

Personalization can improve the UX because it customizes the experience for each user. In fact, statistics suggest that 98% of sellers say that personalization improves customer relationships.
For instance, AI-powered adoption platforms such as YesElf offer personalized and predictive step-by-step walkthroughs for enterprise software. Plus, YesElf’s walkthrough offers tips and relevant information, allowing users to solve the problem in a self-service way.

Other digital adoption companies like Whatfix can also offer in-app guided walkthroughs and contextual in-app self-help menus that can personalize user experience. Whatfix’s guided walkthroughs take every user step-by-step through the section of the technology they are trying to learn.

All in all, Digital adoption solutions serve as brilliant tools to improve and personalize the onboarding and training process. These stages in the user journey are defining moments that can make or break relationships. Thus, improving these areas should be a constant focal point for any brand to enhance the user experience.

digital adoption platformsOffer better customer support

Customer service plays a vital role in the user experience as interactions with your customer support can either make or break a customer’s experience with your company.

As per a study, Americans are willing to pay 17% extra to do business with companies that have great customer service reputations.

Keeping track of customer data is essential for every business to provide the best customer support. But it becomes difficult unless you embrace digital adoption.

Your business needs fully-integrated CRM systems to track vital customer data like past purchases or service issues.
Digital adoption can help you share customer data and keep it up-to-date in real-time, enabling customer support teams to provide a more consistent experience to users.


Collecting data, cleaning it, and using data transformation principles are ways to improve tracking and managing customer data. Implementing specific tools can also make the process easier and more entertaining for customers. For instance, Chatbots can effectively resolve common customer issues and offer product recommendations to increase adoption platforms

digital adoption platformsOffer Constant Performance Support

As per the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, 90% of what trainees learn during training is forgotten in less than a month. Thus, it is necessary to offer constant performance support to your employees instead of offering training sessions occasionally.
Constant performance support sees that every individual interaction trainee has with new technology becomes a microlearning experience.

And this is where digital adoption platforms can help you again.

For instance, the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) like Userlane can offer guidance to every app that will steer users and operators in real-time while they complete their digital tasks. It delivers support directly on-screen while users engage with the apps in a self-serve way.

digital adoption platforms
Communication and Learning Support

Communication and learning support becomes extremely important, especially if you have a remote team. You will have to constantly keep in touch with your team via emails, phone calls, and virtual meetings, or else it will affect productivity.
A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) can offer an immediate solution to the entire problem. It can help you to make important announcements like product updates, project announcements, changes in process, and other things that you want to communicate to your users immediately.

As per, 76% of individual remote workers utilize video collaboration. Many companies are implementing different tools to keep in touch and communicate with their team.  However, when employees are not aware of how to use these tools, a gap will arise, which will result in employee dissatisfaction.

Modern Digital Adoption Platforms solve the problem and fills the gap between your employees and the tools you use. You can now easily integrate simple tooltips into the tools to help users comprehend and adopt any product.

digital adoption platformsKeep Employees More Engaged and Interested

Companies that engage their employees are 21% more profitable. At the same time, companies that highly engage their employees in offices are likely to see 41% lower absenteeism.

These numbers clearly suggest just how essential engagement can be.  Digital adoption platforms can help you keep your employees and clients engaged and increase productivity. For instance, Userpilot is built to aid product, UX, and customer success teams increase user adoption via behavior-driven product experiences.

You can create personalized experiences on top of your product so that users have the Aha moment. It will also help you advance onboarding for new signups, trigger interactive tips when necessary, and boost user retention.


Most digital adoption platforms can predict customer’s needs and meet their expectations, help you make precise personalization, offer better customer support, provide constant performance support, enhance communication and offer to learn support, and also keep users more engaged and interested.

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