18 Ways to Ask Survey Questions to Get Customer Feedback

Sarah Chambers Sarah Chambers · 4 min read

Bored with your standard customer survey questions? If you’re a bit tired of the same old questions, imagine how your customers are feeling.

There’s so many great ways to ask for feedback, and each variant gives you a slightly nuanced response. Nicereply gives you the option to customize survey questions to ask the exact question you have in mind. You can customize images and add follow up questions. The survey world is your oyster!

We’re a big fan of mixing it up and trying new things. Here’s 18 different ways you can ask your customers what they think of your service or your product!

Questions to ask when you want to change up your CSAT email

When your customers interact with your support team, you might send out a survey after resolution asking if they were satisfied with the interaction. These survey results are compiled into a customer satisfaction rating, or CSAT. There’s many different ways to ask customers for their feedback after the resolution of a conversation. Here’s just a few:

  • How nice was my reply? (The Nicereply default)

Customer survey questions: How nice was my reply?

  • How did we do today?
    • Good, I’m happy
    • Bad, I’m not happy
  • Are you satisfied with the resolution of your ticket today?

Asking for feedback at the bottom of an email

Some teams decide to include a link for feedback at the bottom of every email. Nicereply’s team uses this format for every email they send to customers. It means you don’t have to wait until the end of conversation to find out how customers feel. Customers can provide feedback as soon as the conversation isn’t meeting their expectations and the support team can jump in to turn the situation around. Here’s a few

  • How nice was my reply?

In-signature survey

  • Use customized smiley faces. “Which emoji best describes your experience with our support team today?”



  • Let us know how our service was today:
    • Excellent
    • Fine
    • Poor
  • How satisfied are you with your experience?

Customer survey questions: How satisfied are you with your experience?

  • Did we meet your expectations?
    • 5: Exceeded Expectations
    • 3: Met Expectations
    • 1: Did not Meet Expectations

What to ask when customers focus too much on the Product, not Support

A frequent concern of support managers is that the feedback they get through surveys is too focused on the product, while ignoring the support experience. The comments from customers aren’t actionable for the support team, and it feels like the support team doesn’t have control over the score when customers are focusing on product functionality.

But small changes in the question you ask your customers after support interactions can help get more actionable, support specific feedback.

  • How did [Agent’s Name] do today?
    • Make it personal, so that customers think about support agent’s work, and not the product.
  • Thinking specifically about the last interaction, how satisfied are you with the service you received today?
  • Two quick questions for you today:
    • First, how satisfied are you with [Company]?
    • Secondly, how satisfied were you with the customer service agent you talked to today?
  • How was the help you received?

Customer survey questions: How was the help you received?

When you want to change up your customer loyalty metric

Customer Satisfaction isn’t the only question you can ask customers. If you’re consistently seeing really high CSAT scores, the feedback you’re getting might not be helpful. Plus, tracking customer satisfaction doesn’t always give a good indication of customer’s long term loyalty. For example, Bain & Co has reported that 60-80% of customers who churn said they were satisfied or very satisfied in their last CSAT survey.

Layering another metric on top of your customer satisfaction surveys can really help identify what your customers think – and what they might do next.

Customer survey questions: Customer Effort Score

Customer survey questions: Net Promoter Score

What to ask when your survey response rates are low

When customers aren’t responding to your surveys consistently, it’s tough to fully understand what your user base thinks. The estimate is that only 1 out of every 26 unhappy customers will take the time to complain. To hear from the other 25 customers, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to give feedback. That means short surveys, easy to understand questions and one-click feedback options.

  • With just one click, tell us how we did today.

Customer survey questions: Tell us how we did

  • Did we answer your question today?
    • Yes, I’m satisfied
    • No, I’m not happy

You can always follow up after the click with another question to get more information.

Relational Survey Questions

Sometimes you don’t just want to know how your last customer service interaction went, but how your customers feel about your company in general. While CSAT questions focus on a transaction, there’s other questions you can ask to focus on the total experience. We call these questions “relational questions”. Relational questions ask customers to think about the big picture. They give you great insight to why your customers stick around – or if they might have one foot out the door. Try asking customers relational questions a couple times a year to.

  • Net Promoter Score: “How likely are you to recommend Company to friends or family?”
  • The Product Market Fit Question: “How would you feel if you could no longer use Company D tomorrow?”

Mixing it up

Keep testing new survey options to keep response rates high and customer insights even higher. Your customer survey questions aren’t set in stone!

To help you supercharge your results and drive impactful changes, we’ve rounded up a list of survey questions & follow-up questions to one resource that you can use in your next customer-facing survey.

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