Strategies For Customer Success You Should Implement

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CS teams aim to keep customers happy and to decrease churn. But this can only be reached by implementing the right strategy. 

Customer Success is often mixed with customer support, but it’s much more than that. It’s all about supporting your customers in different areas and helping them achieve their goals. Ultimately, they achieve their goals and you get a conversion. It’s a sort of a win-win situation.

But what may be even more important to have in mind is that the best marketing is the word of mouth marketing. If you achieve customer success with one person, that person is going to influence other people to become your customer and then the cycle moves on. It’s very simple, yet very complex in that simplicity.

Here are some essentials to think about:

The Creation of Leads

If you don’t have any leads, this means that you have no new users and this means trouble for your business. Lead Magnets work, proven by numerous studies and anecdotal evidence. But you need to predict what your customers will love in terms of lead magnets, what they will like as the lead magnet.

If you think about customer success, you need to set a goal of creating the type of content that will make your customers happy and that will make them feel like you care. The content should also match where they are in the buyer’s journey.

The idea is that they should be sure that they can achieve their success and their success is your most important focus. They should feel that your relationship is about more than just sales and flashy looks of products and services but rather that you truly do care about them.

What tools to use?

Show them that. Give them the necessary tools to achieve their success and give them all of the knowledge that they may need. Of course, keep this within your own means. This can involve all sorts of different things. For instance, you can host webinars, seminars, share resources with them, share useful infographics, share fun and useful content and so on. Give them something that shows how much you value them before you can get something in return from them.

One good example is creating a webinar – choose a topic your customers will be interested in and base your webinar on that. This is all about the knowledge that you have and that you can share with your customers to help them become more successful in their endeavors. With them, so will you.

Customer success is vital at many stages. One of the most vital stages for customer success is the area of first response time. While customer success works best if the team speaking to the customer is the customer success team, you should be aware that due to lacks in resources, this job may go to marketing or sales teams.

However, your customer should be spoken to promptly after their first interaction with your brand, whether they just sent a request or feedback. No one has time to wait. Immediate is the best.

This doesn’t require a ton of effort but it makes a lot of difference.

Onboarding Process

Onboarding is a process or a stage in the process which is of the highest importance for the entire buyer’s journey.

This is the phase which starts as your customer registers and ends when they get some value of the product or service you offered. This is when it’s really important to have a good relationship established because this will reflect upon all of your future interactions.

When it comes to onboarding, mistakes are really easy to make as this is a sensitive process. However, these will not just go away – they will later result in big issues. This is why customer success and proper strategizing can save you a ton of time and effort.

The process should give you great results if you employ immediate response or reaction to feedback from your customers. It’s crucial to hear what your customers think and if they have any issues or if they are struggling with something in particular.

“The wasted time of your customer is the wasted time and effort for you later. Your success is connected to theirs, so you better assist them in being successful so that you can be successful as well,” says Angelica Thompson, a tech writer at and

This is similar to the previous strategy but it’s really just a part of the story. The reaction to feedback may also mean some specific action that you need to take or something similar.

For example, if the customer reports a bug in the system, you need to tell them that you have received their report and that you are working on it. Then fix it as fast as possible and notify them as well. If you ignore their issues or don’t respond quickly, they will never get past the onboarding process.

Besides, you should make sure that everything is very simple and that your customer has guides and manuals that can help them use the service properly. Make the guides as simple as possible too.

Engaging the customers

The stage of engagement or nurture is also the time when your relationship and your customer grows the most in the buyer’s journey. This is the stage where they use your service, love your service and get results that they need from it.

You can easily implement customer success strategies here – even the ones we already covered.

There’s simplification, the first response time, immediate response to feedback and so on. These are always important and always play a major role with customer success.

The easier it is for the customer to use the product or service, the more likely they are to use it more. The more they use your product or service, the more likely they are to stay with you and spread the good word. You should assist them whenever you possibly can and give them clear guides and tips.

“Respond quickly to any interaction from your customer because they will not wait around forever. Time is very valuable and you should not waste their time,” says Mike Gunter, a email marketer at and


These have been just some of the strategies you can use for your customer success.

These should work perfectly because they keep the best interest of your customer in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of your adventure with Customer Success or if you work with it on your daily basis. It is always good to implement the above processes, as their results far surpass the investment.

Just because you create a Customer Success strategy today, doesn’t mean that it will be as effective tomorrow. As your business continues to grow and evolve, so will the needs and goals of your customers.

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Clara Watkins Clara Watkins

Clara Watkins is a marketing manager who works for Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays. She has worked extensively on customer satisfaction and similar areas.

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