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introduce your company makes it easy for teams of all sizes to schedule meetings with customers. We're a bootstrapped, remote, global team that loves our customers!

What role does customer support have in your company?

Support is vital to make sure our users get the help they need, quickly. For the user, this means they can get their job done faster. For us, it means our users are more successful, use more features that help them manage their bookings in a way that works for them.

In addition, support is vital to informing the rest of the company about the needs of the user. Our product is stronger because of the feedback and insight our users give us in support.

What does customer happiness mean to you?

We recognize that happiness and success are not always directly connected, so for us, customer happiness is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. We'd love if all our customers were absolutely delighted, but our number one priority is making sure they can do the job they need to do.

What would you advise other companies to do to achieve the same success as you did?

First, decide which measurement is most important for you – for us, it was CES. Then, begin collecting that feedback, ideally in a model that would give you continuous feedback (rather than feedback that is time-bound). Once that's done, regularly analyze the feedback with everyone who is involved in improving the customer's experience and incorporate findings with process changes and product roadmap. Finally, always remember to celebrate successes!

We are constantly asking users for feedback: as soon as a customer issue is resolved, the customer receives a Nicereply email and rates how easy it was for them to get their issue resolved. This continual collection means we always have a finger on the pulse of the user's experience.

It is equally important what we do with this feedback: each month, we share it with our entire company. Along with the aggregate customer effort scores (the quantitative story), we also share specific user stories that give the qualitative story. This regular cadence brings our entire company in alignment with what the customer needs, and it has been wildly effective in improving our users' experience, and has given us plenty of wins to celebrate throughout the company, not just within our Customer team.

How did Nicereply help you?

We needed to start understanding how much effort it took for our users to get their issues solved. We started using Nicereply as it was the only tool we found that allowed us to collect CES and also integrates with our help desk software. Nicereply met another requirement: with survey trigger settings, we are able to make sure we're only sending surveys to users who've not received one in the last 30 days.

We considered using Nicereply's Instant Ratings feature, but decided against it to ensure we were only collecting CES from users who'd had their issue fully resolved. Once a user has completed a survey, we use the Notes feature to show their feedback directly on the ticket in our help desk, so even when we're not able to log in to Nicereply we see feedback in the help desk in real time.

What was the biggest challenge you had to face this year?

Our team's biggest challenge was bringing customer feedback front and center in our company. Nicereply helped us accomplish this in a way that let us focus first on solving issues for users, without needing to manage a complex feedback process.

Why is it important to measure customer feedback?

Without customer feedback, we're not able to do our jobs. Customer feedback is absolutely vital to making sure we're on target with everything we do at our company. Instead of measuring happiness, we measure effort, and our goal is to make our customer's experience effortless.

Customer Effort Scores (CES) tells us not just about how effective we are in support, but has helped our product evolve to become more frictionless as well.

Customer thoughts

My question was answered immediately and was 100% correct. Hard to improve on that.

Your customer service is always top notch! I'm always impressed by the quick response time. Have a great day!

Your support team rocks! I always get fast, accurate, amazing support! Thank you for making my life easier!

There is nothing to improve! We have always had fantastic customer service support!

Support was great - I couldn't solve it myself but the help I received was timely, helpful and professional!

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