Congratulations to an online marketplace for professionals Thumbtack, who ranked 3rd in Customer Satisfaction.
Average Icon Average score 9.90
Rating Icon Number of ratings 2,409

Thumbtack Story

Please briefly
introduce your company

Thumbtack instantly matches customers with skilled professionals in every county nationwide. Each year, millions of people use our marketplace to find and hire local businesses from plumbers and electricians to DJs and even personal trainers.

In making these connections, not only do our customers get more done, but our pros can build sustainable businesses.

What role does customer support have in your company?

Our IT team supports over 800 Thumbtack employees. It is critical that we provide efficient, timely help to enable our employees to get more done.

What does customer happiness mean to you?

We want our employees to proactively engage with IT to solve problems instead of viewing us as a blocker. If our employees are happy with the services we provide then we know we are delivering value.

What would you advise other companies to do to achieve the same success as you did?

Implementing a customer satisfaction program is the first step, followed by sharing the data with your team on a consistent basis. We talk about CSAT in our weekly team meetings and share both positive experiences as well as learning opportunities.

Recognizing team members consistently for their great work inspires more great work.

How did Nicereply help you?

Nicereply allowed us to implement a CSAT tool that gave us a 1-10 scale to measure our performance with much more detail and granularity. We track our responses for each team member and provide a quarterly award for CSAT to the leading support engineer.

What was the biggest challenge you had to face this year?

The biggest challenge we faced was company-wide growth. We were extremely busy hiring in Q4 and having fine-tuned IT processes allowed us to support this growth without a hitch.

Why is it important to measure customer feedback?

Measuring customer feedback allows us to know the things we are doing well and the opportunities for improvement. The data we gather allows us to hold our team accountable for a high level of customer service.

Best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1. Patrick B. 10.00
2. Philip T. 9.93
3. Krizza S. 9.94
4. Julienne C. 9.96
5. Walter Ch. 9.81

Customer thoughts

I have never worked for a company where the IT service turns things around so fast and are so kind!!! You are truly appreciated.

Everyone in IT is always very friendly and helpful in explaining why something has to be done that way or what went wrong. Thanks for always being so helpful!

You guys were so fast and got us fixed within 24hrs. You guys rock!

Nothing! EVERY time I need something, you guys take care of it quickly and efficiently! Love our IT guys!

Quick like a bunny and friendly as a puppy. Thanks for all you do!

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