Congratulations to Australia's highest rated mattress brand Koala, who ranked 2nd in providing the most Effortless Experience.
Average Icon Average score 6.50
Rating Icon Number of ratings 18,825

Koala Story

Please briefly
introduce your company

Going four years strong, Koala is a young start-up company that has continued to disrupt the industry in an unprecedented manner. To put it simply, we make things easy; easy to buy, easy to try and easy to return. Our flagship product of the “mattress in a box” has won numerous awards over the past few years and this is further backed by the response and feedback from our satisfied customers. Look for Koala in 2020 as we bring Koala comfort to the rest of your home.

What role does customer support have in your company?

Customer support is at the core of what we do - our team works day in and day out to enhance our customers’ experience from point of sale through to after-sales support. Without customer support we wouldn’t have customers, so we have ensured that we have the most Koalafied professionals in our team to bring the service we promise.

What does customer happiness mean to you?

It means that at any point in the process, a customer is delighted with the experience they’ve had. Whether or not they’ve actually purchased a Koala product or are returning it - we work to make sure any interaction a customer has with Koala exceeds their expectations.

What would you advise other companies to do to achieve the same success as you did?

Listen to the customer - it’s the feedback that will help grow the business.

How did Nicereply help you?

Nicereply has provided us, and our customers an easy to use platform providing valuable information on our customers’ experiences. The process is seamless and the interface is clean and simple. The platform provides data that can be easily interpreted and analyzed to drive positive change through our business.

What was the biggest challenge you had to face this year?

It is no secret that Koala has grown, and is growing at an exceptional rate. But with that growth, we want to ensure we are keeping our customer promise, if not exceeding it at every turn possible. As the company grows and our product range expands, it is important more than ever to remain true to the values and beliefs that got us to this point

Why is it important to measure customer feedback?

Customer feedback has always been a valuable source of information to us. It has provided insights and learnings that we couldn’t have gotten anywhere else - and it’s why we’ve been able to grow into the business we are today. Their feedback plays an important role in paving the way for Koala’s future.

Best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1. Nathan M. 9.85
2. Ciarra T. 9.75
3. George H. 9.82
4. Joe X. 9.81
5. Aubrey F. 9.80

Customer thoughts

The entire process was so quick and easy, delivery was on time and the product was so good to put together. Great work guys.

Best customer experience ever. Ordered in the morning, arrived in the afternoon and everyone I interacted with was fantastic!!

Amazing service! Easy, simple and quick! Ordered and received on the same day!

Great value, same-day delivery, wonderful product! What's not to like!!

It was a pleasure dealing with Koala. Love your work.

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