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Buildium Story

Please briefly
introduce your company

Buildium is the only property management solution that helps real estate professionals win new business from property owners and community associations seeking services. Backed by expert advice and relentless support, Buildium enables you to outperform across all facets of your business with intuitive software that balances power, simplicity, and ease of use. Buildium services more than 16,000 customers in more than 50 countries, totaling more than one million residential units under management.

What role does customer support have in your company?

Focusing on customers has been in the DNA of Buildium since its inception in 2004. For the last two years, one of our three main company objectives has focused on the customer, out of which many initiatives and programs have been born. Such initiatives have included restructuring internal departments; creating three new teams focused solely on customers to increase access to support; developing new training tools and programs for customers and customer-facing employees, like Buildium Academy, its interactive online training program; improving customer communication channels; and launching marketing campaigns and informative content to enhance the customer experience. Our 'Customer-First' strategy is our compass, guiding every decision and investment that we make in the right direction. It supports Buildium customers throughout their entire lifecycle: from the first time they encounter Buildium, to the moment they sign-up, through onboarding and platform set-up, and beyond.

What does customer happiness mean to you?

Customer happiness is at the core of our “customers first, always” mission. It has never been more critical to put our customers first and create a high-quality experience in every interaction they have with any part of the team or the product. Our customers are our inspiration, and we believe that focusing on them first is the right thing to do: What’s best for our customers is what’s best for our business.

Why is it important to
measure customer feedback?

Consistency in customer service is so important to us — something that is only achievable through accurate measurement. Customer care is the most critical mission we have at Buildium, and we work every day to deserve our reputation for consistently putting customers first.

Customer thoughts

I have always had a wonderful experience with the Buildium Support Staff.

Can't improve anything!! Just keep up terrific customer service! Thanks

Awesome service and user friendly interface! Love the portal!

Nothing to improve. As usual, I am very satisfied with Buildium and the experts working behind the scenes.

Keep hiring the quality repres you have been and everything will continue being great! :)

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